Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, You Were All Right

Lets just quickly run over what 2013 held. I know practically every blogger is doing this right now, but I don't see why that should stop me. Just let me get my diary. My mind doesn't stretch that far back.

Writing Challenge: Day 19

Day nineteen of the writing challenge: Whats in my bag?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Stumble on Your Blog: Using Social Media

This is the forth blog and last post in my Stumble on Your Blog series. We have had: 

And now I want to talk about using social media to your advantage. There is so many ways to promote your blog. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Search Engines, Pinterest, the list goes on. I want to talk about 5 ways you can promote your blog. 

  • Twitter 
  • Google+
  • Search Engines 
  • Comments 
  • Pinterest 

Writing Challenge: Day 18

Day eighteen of the writing challenge: Someone I miss.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Stumble on Your Blog: Blog Content (Part 2)

In part one, I talked about finding structure and whether on not you need to be a 'niche' blog. In part two of Blog Content, I want to talk about being original, doing the actual writing, and making sure people can respond and interact.

While it's important people like the look of your blog, the fact they will be reading is your writing, is a lot more daunting. People may be thinking about what you said for a week after. Or it might drop out of their heads straight away. Either way, they are going to come away with a reaction (we hope).

Writing Challenge: Day 17

Day seventeen of the writing challenge: Someone who broke my heart.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stumble on Your Blog: Blog Content (Part 1)

When I started blogging, I wrote a list of things I was interested in. I was consumed with the thought of filling a niche in. I'm not a person who enjoys craft a whole lot, and I already had a blog about horses with my bestie, HorseFrenzy.

I ended up with my life. So I tried to keep to that, writing posts about my life. But it was hard to conform to, I wanted to blog about other things. So in the end I ditched the idea of being a niche blog, and concentrated of writing what I liked, when I liked.

Writing Challenge: Day 16

Day sixteen of the writing challenge: Something I regret not doing in the last year.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Stumble on Your Blog: Resources to start with

I have spent hours and hours reading about how to get the best blog design, more traffic ect. ect., and I thought I would do a series on what I have learnt while doing this. It's hard with so much social media around, people have so much to read, they're not sure where to go.

I don't have any claim to knowing that much about the blogging world, but I'd love to share what I know and have learnt.

Writing Challenge: Day 15

Day fifteen of the writing challenge: Something that excites me and fills me with joy.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Ways to Prepare For a New Writing and Blogging Year

2014 is just 10 days away people! For the last year, we have been hunched over the keyboard, typing away, weather its at your novel, shorts story, poems, or blog, if your like me, you're ready to sleep for a hundred years. At least. 
However, I'm a firm believer in finishing things with a bang. If I'm not asleep or drinking coffee. So while your winding down for the year, here is 7 ways to prepare for a new writing and blogging year.

Oh, Pinterest

Can we just take a moment to appreciate what Pinterest is?

Writing Challenge: Day 9

Day nine of the writing challenge: My favourite thing to do right now.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Writing Challenge: Day 7

Day seven of the writing challenge: Someone who doesn't live in my country.
This is acutely day six, but I got day six and seven mixed up... oops.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Just Because I Liked This

The Mystery of Writers Block

You want to know something weird? I never had writers block when I wrote my first novel, Whispers. And right now, I'm working on the sequel, and I still haven't hit that wall.

Writing Challenge: Day 6

Day six of the writing challenge: Siblings. There is no plural, sadly. Its just sibling.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Writing Challenge: Day 3

Day three of the writing challenge: My day in detail. 

Well. I guess that means today. 

I woke at about 9:20am, because I've been having a bit of insomnia, and didn't sleep very well the few nights before.  It was 20 minutes until we had to leave for church, so patted my cat for 5 minutes before I got up (glad my sore throat was gone). 

I then had some cooked toast (not quite yet brown, because that would be burning it) with penut butter on it. After that, I made some herbal tea, and got dressed in jeans and a singlet top. Somewhere it there, I cheeked with dad we were still going to church.

I made sure mum had all my diabetic stuff, then me and my sister guessed that we wouldn't go to church, because dad wouldn't have enough time to get ready. 

We were right, so at about 10am, I changed into some around the house clothes, and cleaned the kitchen for mum, dad vacuumed, and mum put stuff away. My sister stood in the middle of the chaos drinking the rest of the herbal tea I had made. 

After the cleaning was done, we talked about the challenge of being a Christian in the modern world. I drunk coffee. Then we started our Bible study, which was the book of Esther. We each took turns to read, then summarised what had been read, and we did that for 5 chapters. 

At 12:30, we stopped and made a huge raspberry smoothie, and just chatted. 

Then I did some writing and research, and stopped about 3:40pm. I patted Hunter (my cat) and told him how cute he is. After that I read a book, which was really good. When I had finished my book, at about 4:50pm, I got of my lazy backside, and started dinner. And made some herbal tea. 

Dinner was ready at 5:50, and it was very yummy :) 

After dinner, I was excused from my chores because I had cooked. 

As of yesterday, I have started playing my clarinet again, for my own entertainment. Considering I played 3 years, and have taken 2 years off, I'm doing pretty well. Yes, sometimes it squeaks, but I'm playing pieces I played in concert in my last year. So I did practise for about 35 minutes. 

Then I made some more herbal tea, and sat down to answer my messages. Then I remembered I'm doing this challenge. And realised it must look like I'm obsessed with herbal tea. Oh well. 

Now it's 7:40, and I'm going to drink the rest of my tea and blob some more. 

One can never do to much blobbing. 


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Writing Challenge: Day 2

Day two of the writing challenge: Something I look forward to in the next 12 months.


  • School
  • My birthday 
  • My cats birthday
  • My best friends birthday 
  • Everyone's birthday
  • Editing Whispers 
  • Fresh apples
Among other things, such as sleeping and drinking coffee. 

I'll Be Forever Against Abortion

You know what makes me mad? Like super, super mad?

People who think abortion is ok, because the women should have a 'choice'.

You know what annoys me the most about it all? Those women did have a 'choice'. They didn't use birth control, they made a mistake... but thats ok, because they can just roll up and get an abortion. No problem.

Can I put my hand up? I have a problem.

Friday, December 13, 2013

30 Day Writing Challenge

30 day writing challenge? I'm in! Find the page here.

Because I'm Still Into Graphics

Things I Have Learnt While Writing Whispers, "The Book" (Part Two)

I have to be honest with you. The first reason I wrote Whispers in less than a month was because of Scrivener. See, when I got the idea for Whispers, I decided to try Scrivener, which many people rave about. So I found we have a trial version, that lasted for 30 days. (It's amazing, if you haven't, it's definitely worth the investment).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whispers Next Door - An Extract

I started writing Whispers Next Door today! Here is part of the first chapter so far. I'm really enjoying writing about Fanny again, she's becoming quite a strong character, but I'm not aiming to finish in a month this time, I'm just sort of rolling with what happens and how much time I have.
And I've turned planner, so I spent this morning writing up profiles -- Arg!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whispers Completed

I have finished the first draft, and my word count is on the side bar. I'm really happy, and have started planning the sequel, which I'm calling Whispers Next Door for the moment.

This drew an 'oh nooooo' from my mother. Really, how bad can it be?

I will be taking 6 weeks of break from Whispers, before I start the editing. Hopefully my Granma will agree to help me edit, she did professionally as a job for a while I believe. I'm pretty sure its a bit of a mess, because I didn't write it all in order. Right now I think it makes perfect sense, but in 6 weeks...

As I struggle with being descriptive, I think my word count will go up rather than down.

Also, starting Whispers Next Door will hopefully help me learn even more about my characters and develop them even more.

Bring on January 25th!

In other news, Hunter threw up again today, and we discovered he has worms, so an emergency trip to the vet was made so we could worm and Him and the evil Blackberry. Guess who is responsible, and cleaned up after her poor kitty?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 Days Until Christmas.

I'm sorry, did you just say it's 15 days till Christmas?

Saaaaaaay what?!? You're joking, right? Cause I haven't wrapped any presents yet.

Um, they're in the bottom of my cupboard. The ones have bought, that is. Ooops.

50,000 Words!

My own personal NaNo is complete. I can not tell you how happy I am. Personal goals are something I often set for myself, though not all I carry through with. When I got the idea for Whispers on the 13th of November, a few days after my last exam, which was what stopped me from doing NaNo, I challenged myself to reach 50,000 words in under a month.

100 for 100 - It's Over

I finished the 100 for 100 over at Go Teen Writers!

I can not tell you how happy I am, I ended up with just over 51,000 words. Wow.

So anyway, a big thanks to Stephanie and Jill, the 100 for 100 really motivated me, and helped me push forward even when I didn't want to.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Music Monday: Radioactive

After last week, when I did Angles Among Us, which I now realise I had already done, I decided to pick something safe.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

To What Was, Beruna

I have this spot in the garden. 

Christmas Help

I know I'm running late. That seems to happen a lot at the end of the year. Anyway, for anyone who is as disorganised as me when it comes to Christmas presents, here'ssome ideas and places to shop!
I don't like getting 'stuff' for Christmas, because within months the 'stuff' is at the back on the cupboard, so I have tried to pick things that will last and be used for a long time. (click on the picture for the link)
Please note: The only time I am disorganised is Christmas. Every year. Without doubt.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Goodbye November

We have said goodbye to November.

Whaaaaaaat?! I don't know about you, but I just got used to it being 2013.

I did a lot in November. More than what I would normally achieve.

Music Monday: Angels Among Us

I decided not to do an Imagine Dragons song today, because thats what I did last Monday, and I also did a post with music from them during the week.

I'm a little obsessed.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things I Have Learnt (So Far)

It's day 16 of writing Whispers, and if I had been writing for NaNo, I would have hit the half way mark yesterday. Sadly, I was not able to participate in NaNo, as my exams were at the start of November, and I had no idea what I would write. I have borrowed some of their tips though, and have been drinking a lot of coffee. That could explain why I haven't been sleeping so well.


Like I said in and earlier post, I have learnt a lot from writing Whispers. Whispers is a coming of age story - of sorts. As my (an Hunter's) birthday draws closer, and I prepare to start school again after 4 years of home school, I realised if I was ever going to chase my dream of writing a complete manuscript, I needed to do it now.

That brings me to the first thing I have learnt. I apologise in advance if I bore you, or you have already learnt these things.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why I Love Summer, and You Should To - By Hunter

Hi y'all, Im Hunter 
Hi, I'm Hunter - and this is my Mum's blog. When I say mum, I mean like my human mum. Cause my real mum was a long haired ginger cat. I had lots of brothers and sisters once, but mum and aunty (mums sister) only took me and Tigger. Now Tigger's gone too, he passed away :( I'm a runt, so I haven't really gotten that big. I like to sleep, eat and stalk Black Berry. I'm pretty smart for a cat. I've worked out that if I scratch the couch, mum feeds me, and if I give a nice long, loud meow, I get cuddles. 

Sup! Its been a while. Summer is awesome. I Love it and You Should to (mummy!)!

Imagine Dragons

Because I'm so obsessed with Imagine Dragons right now, I felt I really should do a post of my favourite songs by them. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

What is Whispers?

Well, my WIP (work in progress) is tracking along, today is day 13 since the idea struck, and I have about 24,000 words.

Anyway, people have been asking me what Whispers is really about. I'm very protective of my first drafts; I always have been, although I used to read them out loud to my parents and sister. I don't even do that anymore. The reason for this is that as I got older, my stories become a lot more emotional, and although it sounds strange, I became shy.

Music Monday: Amsterdam

Do you know what I am completely obsessed with right now (apart from my WIP, horses and iced coffee)? Imagine Dragons. In fact, I've have been listening to them so much, I'm considering putting them in the acknowledgements for my WIP. I think I might have an Imagine Dragons issue.  Seriously, there is just something so great about these guys.
I love their sound! Ohmygosh they're so good I almost nothing to say but listen!

You'll probably hear me again next week talking about them.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Where from here?

Today I attended a craft group for homeschool girls that runs every two weeks. My mother helps run the group, hence the reason I still attend. Anyway, what has been striking me a lot this year as I have matured is that the other girls may age are different.  There's always been a difference, but now its big. I have one or two good friends as a result of this. And they don't even attend the group.

The girls are all nice, (to a point of common courtesy, some of them I will never be close to) and I would consider them as friends, or distance friends.  There are 3 things that have become very clear to me.

  • They have no plans for the future.
When you ask them what they want to do at uni, you will get a blank stare or 'I don't know' or 'thats ages away'. Now, I don't have a sure idea about what I want to do, but I know what I'm interested, so I  know what kind of exams I need to take.  I think about it. They are just hanging out until they are 16, so they can get correspondence school. And even then, they don't really know what subjects they'll take then. 

  • They talk about boys. A lot. 
Most of their conversation has to do with boys. Which I don't really understand. It's nice they'd like to get married, but its not likely that they will marry someone they know now.  It also goes in circles, this guessing of which boy likes who, and who they think are cute. I couldn't care less, and there are many, many more important things in this world to talk about.

  • They talk about other people. 
 Eleanor Roosevelt said "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people" and I believe this is true. I also consider it rude to discuss others behind their back. There's a difference between saying "Oh yes, Luna went there last summer for a holiday" and "Did you see what Luna wore yesterday?" Why does it matter what so-and-so said or did? Its not their life, and so-and-so can do whatever they like. 

I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm just saying that we are very different. I have only started to notice it this year, and as a result, I drifted away from some of my friends and they drifted away from me. I have also become a bit of a hermit. But its ok, because mums enrolling me at a local high school on Monday, and I will have a new group of friends who will be like me.  



Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Monday: Hall of Fame

I love this song, and its very inspiring :) 
Its by The Script ft. will.i.am. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Horse - Extract From My Newest Story

I don't like sharing my first drafts much, but this is a story that popped to mind yesterday, and it was begging to be written now. So I thought I would share it because I would like some feedback. This is only part of the first chapter :) 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

8 Ways to Stay Motivated About Writing

I have periods of ups and downs in my writing. Sometimes I can write 1000 words in one go - no problem. Other times I am exhausted at 42 words. I have noticed some things keep me going and motivated.

  • Stick to your word goal
Once you break it and say 'oh well, I don't need to write 1,000 words today'. You'll start adopting that attitude everyday. And thats not healthy for staying motivated. Force those words out. 
That saying, make sure to make manageable goals! 

  • Stop when you have heaps to write
What I mean is make it to your word goal, but don't write everything thats in your head. Because the next day you won't have anything to write. You'll be sitting there wondering what to write. Stop when you have ideas, and save them for the next day.

  • Write in an environment that supports you 
If you work best in noise - work in noise. If you need silence, work in silence. If you like to have music, have music! I've tried writing outside, but I get distracted (oh, pretty bird!). I find the best thing for me personally is to have music in my room with the door shut. 
If you have music, make it something that you can work alongside. I nearly always have either Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande or On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons. Yes, over and over. And over. 

  • Have a word war
Even if its with yourself! I have 20 minute word wars with myself almost every night. It nearly always adds 400 words to my count. 

  • Join a community that supports you
Go Teen Writers are great. I wouldn't be writing without them. I have made some awesome internet friends, who share the same dreams as me. Also, they encourage me to keep going. 

  • Write about something you love
How are you going to write 50,000 words about something you don't love? Write something you would read. A book should be a labor of love, not a chore. If you don't love it, why are you writing it?

  • Heck, take a break! 
We are not machines! Take a day off once a week, or once every two weeks. Whatever suits you. Just don't fall in to taking long breaks that never end.

  • Never compare yourself to others
A few months ago I fell in to the trap of comparing myself to other people. I became rather depressed about my word count and story. When I read others books now, instead of being like 'Oh, I will never write something this good!' I know go 'Wow, they are amazing, and one day I will be too.'  

The most important thing is to remember that writing isn't a chore, so if you don't like it, don't force yourself to write. 

Happy writing! :) 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Music Monday: Forgiveness

I was obsessed with this song all last summer. It's very catchy and has a great message :)
Its by TobyMac and Lecrae. What's not to like?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh, To Bee a Bee

So I had this idea in my head (yes, it does happen) about taking a picture of a Bee. I cannot begin tell you how ridiculous this is, because I cannot stand Bee's.

So when I woke up today, I decided today would be the day I would get that picture. So I charged the camera, and did my chores, imagining the text-book like picture I would take.

When I went outside, I realised that  may not really be dressed correctly, considering I was wearing purple, yellow and orange. Yes, they clash, but its spring so I'm allowed! From the Bee's point of view I probably looked an awful lot like a flower.

Of course, all of this occurred to me after I went outside. Anyway, the Bee's looked so happy on the lemon tee I thought they wouldn't be interested in me. 

My inner blonde told me to forge on (sorry, no offence meant. My 'blonde moments' are an insult to blondes). 

So anyway I creep closer, and then seemingly all at once, the Bees move flowers. Thinking they were heading for me, I high-tailed it out. I may or may not have screamed. 

I decided I might give up on this idea, when suddenly I see a Bee heading toward me. I wasn't sure where to go, because mum always says to stay still and calm, so I sort of did this run in a circle before sprinting away. 

Of course this happens outside my sisters bedroom window, and she's laughing her head off.

So I went back to taking pictures of roses. Its much safer.

Its going to bee a long summer.

 I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. 

Proverbs, Ant's and the World

I got down on the ground on my stomach yesterday.


I mean to take pictures! Anyway, while I was down there, I was thinking about Ants (yes, random).

I was thinking about how I had seen ants climb blades of grass, and then they get to the top and stop. If I was an ant, I would be like 'ohmygosh I have already climbed 100 blades of grass, and there's at least 100 more!!' 

Now, I know Ants don't have feelings, and they can't processes words like that, but I'm a woman, so I don't have to be logical.

So there are am, thinking about ants and and how big the world is.

It's a big world.

Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.
-Proverbs 6:6-8

Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Bad Habits I Won't Be Giving Up

I admit to possibly having bad habits - here are 3 I'm not giving up!

  • Coffee Drinking
The only people who really believe that coffee is bad for you are people who are caffeine deprived. Your brain simply doesn't function without caffeine, hence the reason they think that. If they had coffee, all would become clear to them. Coffee does have proved benefits, including extending your life. Or so the studies say. 
I need coffee to make it through the day. I have actually cut back majorly on my coffee consumption, because I was getting headaches when I didn't drink two or three cups everyday. However, without coffee I wouldn't make it through the day - such is the life of a Night Owl. 
Anyway, the taste is great. No way I'm giving up on coffee.
  • OCD 
Yes, it's true I clean things. A lot. Especially when I'm stressed. My mother asked me to tone down on my cleaning because she felt like she was in a show home last week.  She was the one who started this whole exam thing anyway. 
There's nothing wrong with hating mess, in my point of view. I don't mind getting muddy, but I nearly always clean it off. The one place I can't stand dirt is under my finger nails. And anyway, atleast all my stuff is where it belongs so I can find it. Yes, I'm a neat-freak. 
No, I don't have a problem with that. 
  • Being a Night Owl (Well, I do plan to change this sometime) 
I know staying up late is a terrible habit, but if I want quiet, the only time I get it is after 9:30pm or before 6am. Mum gets up at 6am, my sister and father sometime between 7am and 7:30am. And anyway, I've worked out the minimum amount of sleep I need (8 hours). Don't lecture me on how bad it is - I know. Maybe I'll try going to bed really early and getting up super early. 
Don't laugh yet! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


That stands for I've Done To Much Studying I'm Dying.

Just thought you should know xD

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Cheese Cake

Mum loves cheese cake, so my sister decided to make her one. She employed my help with this task, and we completed in it 10 minutes. 

I guess you would have to call in bad luck, but there where several factors involved. 

My sister had twisted her ankle, so she was limping. At the same time she was doing this weird jig/skip thing. While holding the cheese cake. Next thing you know, the ankle gave up...

and it was bye bye cheese cake. The bottom of the pan fell out when she stumbled. 

So we did what anyone would do. We ate the parts of the poor cheese cake that hadn't been on the floor.

Moral of the story? Don't do a jig when you have a twisted ankle, and are holding a cheese cake. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Road Ahead

If you were thinking I was about to talk about something really deep, I'm sorry :P

Your probably going "uuuuuuum what?" Right now, so let me explain...

So today I had my first exam, and we had to drive about an hour and a half to get there. On the way, there was a lot of stuff to look at - Farms, Animals, Tree's, Mountains... And then when you look out the front, there the road, stretched out in front of you.

This reminded me of something I have always wanted to do - go on a roadtrip! I would love to travel New Zealand for the summer holidays or a few weeks. I not normally adventurous when I'm at home doing the same old stuff, but once I was out and about, I just wanted to keep going.

So when I have finished school, and have some money (and I can drive) - When I'm like 18 or 19, I want to take a roadtrip! Yay!

It would be so exciting! Having a best friend along would be even better :)

And anyway...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Monday Vanilla Twilight

I love this song by Owl City!! I have like a second to write this, sorry. 


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Liebster Award

I was nominated by the awesome TW over at her blog Indonesia Around Me. Thankies for this!! :D 

Rules of the Liebster award: 

-Link back to the blogger who tagged you 

-Answer the 10 questions (s)he asks me

-Nominate 10 other bloggers at the maximum

-Let those Nominees know they were tagged

TW's questions, and my replies... 

1) If you could only do one job the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I would love to ride horses professionally, or write, or teach, or be a vet. I have no idea! 

2) Do you play a sport? 

Haha I used to do a lot of sport, but I'm not in any teams right now, but I do play casually with my family and friends. 

3) How many hours a day do you read the Bible?

Um not much. I depends on the day, but most days very little, which is VERY VERY bad. 

4) (This is one of the questions Journey had to answer ;) If you could only have ten books the rest of your life, which ones would they be?

Anne of Green Gables, The Hunger Games, The Bible, The Heist Society series (3 books), Agent 21 series (3 books), Lies Young Women Believe.    

5) Aquamarine or Pink?

Aquamarine all the way!!  

6) If you could, would you visit every country in the world?

Hmmmm no I don't think so. Some, but not all. I think my sense of adventure in lacking

7) Books or Movies? (please say books...)


8) Blogging or Writing Books?

Ooooooh thats hard. I love doing both! I cant pick!
9) Would you come to Indonesia if you could?

Yes!! After I got my shots ;) 

10) What color is your hair (random question...)

Red!! Red heads unite! :p 

My questions! xD

1) Green or Grey?

2) How many siblings do you have?

3) What color is your Bible? 

4) Why do you blog?

5) Do you have any pets?

6) Do you drink coffee?

7) Bushes or tree's? (Random, I know) 

8) Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

9) Do you wear glasses?

10) Whatcha think of my blog? ;) (a girl needs feedback!) 

And I nominate:

Mazie Cat @ School, My Life, and Other Exciting Things.

The A's @ Books, Books, Books!

Anne-girl @ Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard

Amanda @ Heart Through Words 

The girls @ Violets and Daisies 

The Singer @ A Christian's Guide to Pop Music 

Yaaaaay For awesome blogs!! :D 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Ode To Summer - By Hunter

Hi y'all, Im Hunter 
Hi, I'm Hunter - and this is my Mum's blog. When I say mum, I mean like my human mum. Cause my real mum was a long haired ginger cat. I had lots of brothers and sisters once, but mum and aunty (mums sister) only took me and Tigger. Now Tigger's gone too, he passed away :( I'm a runt, so I haven't really gotten that big. I like to sleep, eat and stalk Black Berry. I'm pretty smart for a cat. I've worked out that if I scratch the couch, mum feeds me, and if I give a nice long, loud meow, I get cuddles. 

Just to make it clear, I don't know much about ode's, only that they are lyrical and can be sung (please, please don't ask aunty to sing it in opera).
But like my human mum pointed out to me, as a cat you only live once, and the title does sound rather dramatic.

A Summer Ode 

By Hunter

I can smell the dry grass,
One can tell Summer is near,
They're having bush fires over the ditch
But I don't really care.

I'm a cat you see,
Theres nothing I can do,
I just listen to the news,
And meow in despair.

I'm not very good a rhyming,
I would be better,
If cats could attend school,
And thats a true fact.

And anyways, back to my ode of summer,
That is not really that lyrical,
Which is a bit of a bummer,
But I can smell summer.

The sun comes out,
The birds make their nests,
Summer is here,
Summer is here.

Its now that I end my ode,
Because we are still really in Spring,
I can't smell Summer,
And my ode just got dumber.

Off for a quick bite to eat,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Music Monday: Angles Among Us

I stumbled on this song, first the version sung by Demi Lovato, but traced it back to the first version. Its really awesome, and I like both versions. Demi's voice is amazing! Its a great song :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday Happenings

Saturday is a day of happenings! Last saturday, we did stuff in the garden...

The oak tree is in new leaves, and looking very green!

This bank is slowly falling in to the stream. 

The seedlings are going strong!

Dad just don't like to do stuff small. This was to pull out a hedge...

Poor mum didn't bother to fight, she just went along with it.

Rope attached!

I was enjoying the entertainment! 

Dads moves the car forward...

The first bush comes out!

Oh, how my parents entertain me! 

Baby Fruits

Spring means flowers on our fruit trees, then come the baby fruits! So I took some pictures (I seem to take a lot of pictures, but I'm not very good at it so forgive me) 

The great Vege Pick

Today we worked in the Vege garden. when I was little mum used to encourage our green thumbs, but as we got older, she gave up. Growing plants has never really interested me because you have to wait weeks for results. 
Working in the garden made me realise that this waiting pays off! And I also realised time goes a lot quicker. The days just seem to blur into each other, then weeks and months. I mean I'm still in March! 

I picked a lot of vege's - I hate wasting food, and mum didn't want them.

I put on some sunblock (this was back in the good 'ol sunny days last week) and got a chopping board and knife...

I had some leeks...

Quite a bit of beetroot (2.3 KG)...

Some rainbow silverbeet...

Some potatoes mum thought she had dug up...

After I had cut of the tops ect., they suddenly didn't look so impressive! 

The leeks....

Carrots... (Sorry, I don't know what happened to the picture with their tops on)

Beetroot :) 


The rubbish I had cut off...

And just to finnish off this wonderful post fulled up with vegetables... I was peeling an onion for dinner when I noticed this ;)