Wednesday, August 21, 2013

5 Embarrassing Things Mum Does - By Hunter

Hi y'all, Im Hunter 
Hi, I'm Hunter - and this is my Mum's blog. When I say mum, I mean like my human mum. Cause my real mum was a long haired ginger cat. I had lots of brothers and sisters once, but mum and aunty (mums sister) only took me and Tigger. Now Tigger's gone too, he passed away :( I'm a runt, so I haven't really gotten that big. I like to sleep, eat and stalk Black Berry. I'm pretty smart for a cat. I've worked out that if I scratch the couch, mum feeds me, and if I give a nice long, loud meow, I get cuddles. 

5 Embarrassing Things Mum Does 
By Hunter 

1- She tells people I can't hunt. She says my name is a curse, and that I'm too slow! The truth is, if I wanted to catch a bird, I would. So there.

2- Mum takes copious amounts of photos of me. She must have hundreds! Me eating, sleeping, walking, playing, running... You name it, she has a photo of it!!

3- Her and Aunty giggle about me. They say that I have a crush on Black Berry!! So not true!!

4- She asks dumb questions. Like, 'are you hungry after all the sleeping, Hunter?' YES!! Of course I'm hungry!!

5- And least, but not last, she gives me dumb nick-names, that I will not repeat, but her and Aunty think are hilarious.

Off to have a dust bath! (See, look, she took this picture too!!)
 - Hunter 

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