Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scrapbook Tree

If you have scraps of paper or scrapbook paper lying around, this is a great craft to use it all up. It's very basic, but it does require glue and cutting.    

What You Will Need: 
                                                      - A pencil 
                                                      - Glue (I used PVA)
                                                      - Scissors
                                                      - Twist Ties or Floral Wire 
                                                      - Paper
                                                      - Branches (You can pick the size)
  - A leaf Template (I made my own) 


1) Trace your leaf shape on to you paper  

2) To make things faster, you can double your paper when you cut it, but this does require carful cutting. I had 22 pairs of leaves. 

Please note my awesome nails!! ;)

Here are some of my leaves paired up...  

3) Next, use your glue to stick the Twist Ties onto the back of one leaf, and stick the leaves pair on top, using the glue to stick them together.  ⇑ 

4) When your leaves are dry, use the Twist Ties to put them on the branches.                                          ⟸

5) Put your branches into a bottle, jar or vase.

Ta da! 

Am am happy to answer any questions :) 

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