Friday, September 27, 2013

5 reasons being sick is miserable.

The sore throat started after we left our friends. I shrugged the pain off, but by nightfall my nose was like a dripping tap.
No worries. Sleep always fixes these things.
Not so! By morning, my throat felt like it was on fire, and my nose made its way through the last box of tissues. Mum gave me pills, and I spent the day in bed, and read 4 books, as well as doing some school work and watching YouTube.
I. Was. So. Bord.
I was determined that this morning I would wake up fully healed, from my day in bed. But no! Once again the evil virus struck. My throat wasn't so sore, but now my chest was killing me. It hurt to cough and breath.
Oh woe on me. And of corse, my blood sugars shot to the sky. I got up anyway, and spent most of the day at the computer. This virus wont stop me! If its not gone by Monday, (two days!!) mums taking me to the d-d-d-d-d-doctor.
And this lead to my list of 5 reasons being sick is miserable.

1. You can't sing. So I just whisper the words. I listen to a lot of music. Not being able to sing along in painful.

2. Mum puts a time limit on how long I have to get better before its time to visit the murder house Doctors.

3. Tissues. Lots of tissues. So many your nose goes all red a sore.

4. Everything hurts.

5. Being in bed and relaxing is boring!!

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