Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LOVE pillow

This afternoon I set out to blog a new craft.
But somehow I ended up on Pinterest (again). An hour later, I had a numb leg (I was sitting on it), had made it to the bottom of the DIY & Craft page, and still hadn't let the cat in (sorry Blackberry).

But I have new idea's and saw some stuff I love. And thats the important thing, right??

Anyway. This weeks Craft isn't really DIY, sorry. My sister had a sick day yesterday so we finally used some pastel dye sticks my Granma sent me!! Thanks Granma!

Here are the pastels....


The front of my pillow...

The back!

We cut out our pillow from cotton and drew on our design. We then put the iron onto 'cotton' and 'dry', and put grease proof paper over the design. We ran the iron over the paper for a few minutes, then ta da!
The design was dyed onto the cotton. We then sewed up the pillow, and stuffed it. 
Amazing!! I'm not really sure how it works. It even had dad stumped for a while! 
As you can probably tell, I love pillows! 

Sweet dreams, y'all! 


  1. I'm glad you had fun with them. You sure know how to make a gift last, you two. I love finding new things to buy for you.