Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring Time - By Hunter

Hi y'all, Im Hunter 
Hi, I'm Hunter - and this is my Mum's blog. When I say mum, I mean like my human mum. Cause my real mum was a long haired ginger cat. I had lots of brothers and sisters once, but mum and aunty (mums sister) only took me and Tigger. Now Tigger's gone too, he passed away :( I'm a runt, so I haven't really gotten that big. I like to sleep, eat and stalk Black Berry. I'm pretty smart for a cat. I've worked out that if I scratch the couch, mum feeds me, and if I give a nice long, loud meow, I get cuddles. 

Spring Time
An original Poem

Bees are buzzing,
Baby birds are hatching,
Hedgehogs are awakening,
Flowers are waving.

Lambs are playing,
Little tails waving (till they fall off),
Tummys bloated full,
Warm yummy milk.

Pine pollen is floating
Causing hay fever,
Mums dad gives us all a fright,
Doing a giant sneeze-a.

Black Berry is more cheerful,
But her breathing isn't much better,
She sniffed me this morning,
I blame the spring weather.

The sun sometimes shines,
Gearing up for summer,
To think I'll soon be two;
The queen may send me a letter.

I, the great good cat,
Observe my kingdom,
From my garden perch;
Spring has sprung.

- By Hunter

Happy spring y'all. And if your leaving summer - well, now you can stop tweeting about it, 'cause all us over here have been living in winter. Now it's your turn, while we have summer. So there.
Off to catch some ZZZ's

- Hunter 

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