Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Awesome Bookmark

Have you ever tried to cut thick cardboard that has paper stuck to it with still wet glue? 
It is liable to throw you into deep depression, make you want to drink tea (not that thats a problem), and RUIN what you're working on. 

Now I have cleared that up.... One of the best things about reading is bookmarks.  I love bookmarks. 

I love Bookmarks. 

So today, as my first of 10 crafts to do before Christmas, I made an awesome bookmark. My daddy taught me to research before buying anything. Same thing applies here. So I, the wise person I am, got on the internet and look up how to make bookmarks. 
Don't look anywhere but here on how to make an awesome bookmark. Because you will be dramatically disappointed. Here's how to make an awesome bookmark!

You will need:
  • Stiff cardboard
  • Cool paper
  • Cool stickers
  • Glue. Or, if you're sensible, double sided sticky tape
  • ribbon 
Start with your cardboard, and cut the size you want you're bookmark to be: 
I cut mine 20cm x 5cm. 

 Put the first layer of awesome paper down on one side and glue it: (yea, I haven't cut mine right down to 20cm x 5cm yet, because the glue is still wet!!)

 Stickers!! Decorate your paper. I put my name on it, so I don't have a pic...

 On the next side, glue one end of the ribbon down...

 The glue some more paper... Layer it... Do whatever you want!!

This side under construction:

 Done this side!! The other side has the purple with my name.

 And because I made it out alive, I gave myself a WOW sticker. So there.

If you use double sided sticky tape instead of glue, it will be less messy, no drying time and you can trim the cardboard down. 
Do whatever you like with decorating... Use fabric, felt, tissue paper, wrapping paper... 

Then find yourself a good book to read, and use that awesome bookmark!! 

Girl with the WOW sticker. 

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