Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Road Ahead

If you were thinking I was about to talk about something really deep, I'm sorry :P

Your probably going "uuuuuuum what?" Right now, so let me explain...

So today I had my first exam, and we had to drive about an hour and a half to get there. On the way, there was a lot of stuff to look at - Farms, Animals, Tree's, Mountains... And then when you look out the front, there the road, stretched out in front of you.

This reminded me of something I have always wanted to do - go on a roadtrip! I would love to travel New Zealand for the summer holidays or a few weeks. I not normally adventurous when I'm at home doing the same old stuff, but once I was out and about, I just wanted to keep going.

So when I have finished school, and have some money (and I can drive) - When I'm like 18 or 19, I want to take a roadtrip! Yay!

It would be so exciting! Having a best friend along would be even better :)

And anyway...

Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Monday Vanilla Twilight

I love this song by Owl City!! I have like a second to write this, sorry. 


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Liebster Award

I was nominated by the awesome TW over at her blog Indonesia Around Me. Thankies for this!! :D 

Rules of the Liebster award: 

-Link back to the blogger who tagged you 

-Answer the 10 questions (s)he asks me

-Nominate 10 other bloggers at the maximum

-Let those Nominees know they were tagged

TW's questions, and my replies... 

1) If you could only do one job the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I would love to ride horses professionally, or write, or teach, or be a vet. I have no idea! 

2) Do you play a sport? 

Haha I used to do a lot of sport, but I'm not in any teams right now, but I do play casually with my family and friends. 

3) How many hours a day do you read the Bible?

Um not much. I depends on the day, but most days very little, which is VERY VERY bad. 

4) (This is one of the questions Journey had to answer ;) If you could only have ten books the rest of your life, which ones would they be?

Anne of Green Gables, The Hunger Games, The Bible, The Heist Society series (3 books), Agent 21 series (3 books), Lies Young Women Believe.    

5) Aquamarine or Pink?

Aquamarine all the way!!  

6) If you could, would you visit every country in the world?

Hmmmm no I don't think so. Some, but not all. I think my sense of adventure in lacking

7) Books or Movies? (please say books...)


8) Blogging or Writing Books?

Ooooooh thats hard. I love doing both! I cant pick!
9) Would you come to Indonesia if you could?

Yes!! After I got my shots ;) 

10) What color is your hair (random question...)

Red!! Red heads unite! :p 

My questions! xD

1) Green or Grey?

2) How many siblings do you have?

3) What color is your Bible? 

4) Why do you blog?

5) Do you have any pets?

6) Do you drink coffee?

7) Bushes or tree's? (Random, I know) 

8) Have you done your Christmas shopping yet?

9) Do you wear glasses?

10) Whatcha think of my blog? ;) (a girl needs feedback!) 

And I nominate:

Mazie Cat @ School, My Life, and Other Exciting Things.

The A's @ Books, Books, Books!

Anne-girl @ Scribblings of My Pen and Tappings of My Keyboard

Amanda @ Heart Through Words 

The girls @ Violets and Daisies 

The Singer @ A Christian's Guide to Pop Music 

Yaaaaay For awesome blogs!! :D 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Ode To Summer - By Hunter

Hi y'all, Im Hunter 
Hi, I'm Hunter - and this is my Mum's blog. When I say mum, I mean like my human mum. Cause my real mum was a long haired ginger cat. I had lots of brothers and sisters once, but mum and aunty (mums sister) only took me and Tigger. Now Tigger's gone too, he passed away :( I'm a runt, so I haven't really gotten that big. I like to sleep, eat and stalk Black Berry. I'm pretty smart for a cat. I've worked out that if I scratch the couch, mum feeds me, and if I give a nice long, loud meow, I get cuddles. 

Just to make it clear, I don't know much about ode's, only that they are lyrical and can be sung (please, please don't ask aunty to sing it in opera).
But like my human mum pointed out to me, as a cat you only live once, and the title does sound rather dramatic.

A Summer Ode 

By Hunter

I can smell the dry grass,
One can tell Summer is near,
They're having bush fires over the ditch
But I don't really care.

I'm a cat you see,
Theres nothing I can do,
I just listen to the news,
And meow in despair.

I'm not very good a rhyming,
I would be better,
If cats could attend school,
And thats a true fact.

And anyways, back to my ode of summer,
That is not really that lyrical,
Which is a bit of a bummer,
But I can smell summer.

The sun comes out,
The birds make their nests,
Summer is here,
Summer is here.

Its now that I end my ode,
Because we are still really in Spring,
I can't smell Summer,
And my ode just got dumber.

Off for a quick bite to eat,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Music Monday: Angles Among Us

I stumbled on this song, first the version sung by Demi Lovato, but traced it back to the first version. Its really awesome, and I like both versions. Demi's voice is amazing! Its a great song :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Saturday Happenings

Saturday is a day of happenings! Last saturday, we did stuff in the garden...

The oak tree is in new leaves, and looking very green!

This bank is slowly falling in to the stream. 

The seedlings are going strong!

Dad just don't like to do stuff small. This was to pull out a hedge...

Poor mum didn't bother to fight, she just went along with it.

Rope attached!

I was enjoying the entertainment! 

Dads moves the car forward...

The first bush comes out!

Oh, how my parents entertain me! 

Baby Fruits

Spring means flowers on our fruit trees, then come the baby fruits! So I took some pictures (I seem to take a lot of pictures, but I'm not very good at it so forgive me) 

The great Vege Pick

Today we worked in the Vege garden. when I was little mum used to encourage our green thumbs, but as we got older, she gave up. Growing plants has never really interested me because you have to wait weeks for results. 
Working in the garden made me realise that this waiting pays off! And I also realised time goes a lot quicker. The days just seem to blur into each other, then weeks and months. I mean I'm still in March! 

I picked a lot of vege's - I hate wasting food, and mum didn't want them.

I put on some sunblock (this was back in the good 'ol sunny days last week) and got a chopping board and knife...

I had some leeks...

Quite a bit of beetroot (2.3 KG)...

Some rainbow silverbeet...

Some potatoes mum thought she had dug up...

After I had cut of the tops ect., they suddenly didn't look so impressive! 

The leeks....

Carrots... (Sorry, I don't know what happened to the picture with their tops on)

Beetroot :) 


The rubbish I had cut off...

And just to finnish off this wonderful post fulled up with vegetables... I was peeling an onion for dinner when I noticed this ;) 

Rain, Rain

Its rained a lot today. The steam flooded a bit. The poor lawn above is drowning. I love going out in the rain, so I went out and took some pictures. 

It was way up over this bridge...

The water coming around the corner was really, really noisy. 

No wonder these poor Ponga have decided to die. The water is almost up their heads. 

This called for a nice hot drink once I was back inside. 

My poor hair got wet and lost its curly goodness. 

Anyway, rain makes for good blogging time, right? 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Music Monday: Metropolis

I love Owl City! This music video is an awesome idea! The songs awesome too ;)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hunter in the garden

We are very lucky to be able to provide a huge playground for our cats that is pretty safe. While Hunter does sleep a lot, he also enjoys playing outside. I often go and hang out with him, and bring my camera along too.

The madam likes to remind Hunter who's boss... Though lately, they have been play fighting. Like chasing each other around. Loco

Off across the lawn.

Turns out you can't catch water. 

Aren't those whiskers amazing?!

Haha, I'm up high. 

Hunter discovers he's shorter than the grass in the paddock. 

She is always watching. Always. 

Mum please finish with the photos now.

Afterward, he tends to be tired, and takes a 5 hour nap to restore is energy. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

2d and 3d Characters

Whenever I start to think about my characters for my latest WIP (work in progress), they always start out as what I call a '2d character'. They might have a face and name, and I might have a vague idea of how they tick.

For example, I'm about 6000 words into my first ever try at mystery writing. My main character is called Amy. When I first thought about her, I knew her mother had died in a car crash, and that she went to boarding school. I knew her dad would be a painter, and that the story would be set in the summer holidays.

She was a flat character. I'm a visual learner, so I saw her as 2d. She had a face, but no background, no depth to her. So started to build her. Her mothers death would have scared her - how did she behave as a result? Is she a good artist like her dad? Would she be close to her dad because she doesn't have a mum? Does she like talking about her mum?

Slowly I began to build her. She went from a face with a name, to a person with feelings, likes and dislikes, and behaviour patterns. She became interesting, someone real people could emphasise with.

Its like a clock. You see the face of the clock, but whats behind the face of the clock is what makes it tick - just like a person. No person is just a face. They have things that have effected the way they behave, what they like and what they don't like.

No one wants to read about a flat character. They want a someone they can laugh and cry with, someone who could be their best friend. And when we write the story, we should be laughing and crying to.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 People Who Inspire Me to be Better at Things

1) Ally Carter. Have I ever talked about how amazing she is? The best book ever written was by her - Heist Society. I read the book for the first time a few months ago, and I'm still reeling from it. Talk about a plot twist. Please, if you haven't... read it! I love her writing, and strive to write like her.

2) My wonderful friend, HorseFrenzy. She's amazing. Not only is she kind and generous, she's got a very good sense of humour. Sometimes we don't get to talk for a few weeks, but no matter how long it is, we always resume where we left off. Sometimes I think we are long lost twins separated at birth.

3) The Wilson sisters. They started with nothing, worked hard, and made a name for themselves. They have an amazing touch with horses, and reach out to teach others and pass on their skills.

4) God. He made us, and each day he gives another chance to be forgiven. He forgives us over and over. If only I wasn't so good and holding a grudge sometimes! Also, he made the coffee bean.

5) My parents. After all, they feed me. And laugh at my jokes. And put up with my obsessions. Even if they have been telling me I'll grow out of horses for years... I guess I'm just not growing up.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Book Review: Code

I have removed myself off Pinterest and made a coffee. I shall now conduct a book review.

The Virals series by Kathy Reichs (and her son) is amazing. I have enjoyed all three of the books, and I'm awaiting on the fourth. I think she has a contract to write five. Anyway, I want to review the third one in the series, Code.

Code features Tory, Hi, Ben, Shelton and Cooper, the Virals, along with supporting characters. The 5 have been infected with a experimental strain of canine parvovirus that has changed their lives forever. They solve mysteries and foil evil.

Code starts off with the Virals finding a geocache, having taken up geocaching. While normally you would record that you found the cache, this this there is something more sinister going on... They find another box, this time with a fake bomb inside.

The clock is ticking, and there are real treats being carried out. The Virals have to team together to pass the ultimate test.  What started out as a game becomes a life-or-death situation. Fortunately, they are more than friends-they're a pack. They are Virals.

Then the ultimate plot twist came along. (You really don't see it coming!)

I find it very hard to review action/mystery types of books, because I don't want to give anything away. However, if you have enjoyed the first two books in the Virals series, I would highly suggest Code.

I would suggest reading the series in order, so you understand what's going on. Now, if you are like me and have no idea what geocaching is, you can go to www.geocaching.com, and read up. Then you can put in your city's name, or postcode and see that there is many of these little hidden logbook like things all over the world - even in your city/town!

I was very dubious, so I went to the site and put in the name of city we live near, and was very surprised that there is over 4000 (recorded) hidden near the area I live. Wow.