Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things I Have Learnt (So Far)

It's day 16 of writing Whispers, and if I had been writing for NaNo, I would have hit the half way mark yesterday. Sadly, I was not able to participate in NaNo, as my exams were at the start of November, and I had no idea what I would write. I have borrowed some of their tips though, and have been drinking a lot of coffee. That could explain why I haven't been sleeping so well.


Like I said in and earlier post, I have learnt a lot from writing Whispers. Whispers is a coming of age story - of sorts. As my (an Hunter's) birthday draws closer, and I prepare to start school again after 4 years of home school, I realised if I was ever going to chase my dream of writing a complete manuscript, I needed to do it now.

That brings me to the first thing I have learnt. I apologise in advance if I bore you, or you have already learnt these things.

  • If your really do want something, you will do it.
I guess I already knew this. I really do want a clean room, so I clean it. And if you can't do it, you will explore every avenue before you give up. As I blunder on writing over 3000 words a day, in an effort to complete the first draft by the 10th of December, I released that I had to really want this. Either that or I needed to stop spending the greater amount of the day staring at the screen, typing, and lower my exceptions to something like 1000 words a day and stroll along. 

  • You need to take a break and eat. 
Yesterday all I had until dinner was leftover lettuce salad, a carrot and 2 cookies. I need to stop and take breaks. And eat. Because its not fun to be so caught up in your writing that your starving. I was so hungry I ate dinner, pudding and then 5 little-pancake-things my sister had made. 

  • You need to face your fears.
Fanny is traumatised by things that happened to her when she was younger. When she is in Europe, Uncle Aldo helps her learn methods to deal with it. When I says fears, I mostly mean mental. If we let go, we can enjoy life more.

  • Your friends and family are important.
Fanny's father was abusive, and is no longer in her life. Her mother spends most of her time depressed. She's so busy trying to stay alive, she has no friends. While writing Fanny's story, I have come to realise who important and lucky we are to have family around us.

  • We should be thankful.
Fanny has been working since she was about 13, and has taken the responsibilities of an adult ever since. We should be thankful for what we have, thankful that while we might not have much money, at least we have parent(s) who can support us, and a roof over our heads.

  • We should questions.
Fanny has gone through her teenage years without guidance from her parents. All she has is Kay, a women who helps her out and owns a horse riding barn. She has no idea what to believe, she has never had the influence of parents on her. It reminds me that we should ask questions about the things around us, and not just believe what we are told.

Thats all for now, I'm sure  I will learn lots more before the end :)
Off to write 900 words!

P.S. If you haven't already seen it, here's the post about what Whispers is: What is Whispers?

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