Tuesday, December 10, 2013

50,000 Words!

My own personal NaNo is complete. I can not tell you how happy I am. Personal goals are something I often set for myself, though not all I carry through with. When I got the idea for Whispers on the 13th of November, a few days after my last exam, which was what stopped me from doing NaNo, I challenged myself to reach 50,000 words in under a month.

I just wanted to know if I could do it. In fact, I wanted to do it in under a month. For the last 27 days, I have been pushing myself on, spending about 5 hours a day on the computer, typing. With Pinterest breaks. A lot of them.

So I have a first draft at Novel Status! And guess what? I haven't even finished. I think there's probably at least 6,000 words still to go.  I would be finishing today, but Dad's been sorting out the computers, so I had two or three days where I didn't get any writing done. I went Bananas.

I will soon do part two on Things I Have Learnt So Far. Better than any math lesson ;)
And, in celebration, I thought I would post a later version of the poem I posted earlier. You can find the first one here.

I've added a verse at the end, changed it so it's happier and called it Fanny Reinvented.

Fanny Reinvented
Brown eyes and brown hair
You’d always notice she’s there 
Pressed up against the wall

When you look into her eyes 
you can always see
The happiness there 

She’s not somewhere else anymore
She’s found a happier place
Somewhere in the world 

Theres no pain in her eyes
And scars on her arms are gone
There’s a smile on her face

When you ask 
She says she’s fine
You know she never lies 

And when she laughs
Everyone stops to listen
Charmed to hear the sound

For a minute there 
As you listen
You can see everything is fine 

The question is 
When you look at her 
How can you not smile too? 

We only have to ask her
And she beams

I really am fine now she says

I'm still not keen on the second to last verse, or the last verse, but when the 6 weeks of sitting before the editing starts will hopefully help me fix that. 

Off to write some more, because I can get in another two hours before my sister comes home, and I really want to finish in the next 3 days. 

Time for iced coffee!! And a small party, consisting of me, my cat and my characters. 


  1. WHOO HOO FOR YOU!!!!!! :D YOU ROCK!!!! I'm scared that next year I won't make it to 50k, so I kinda want to practice throughout the year, just to challenge myself. ;) Maybe the next 100/4/100 I can try it out. :D

    1. Thanks :D
      Good luck!!! I hope I can do 100/4/100 next year as well :D

  2. Great job! I did NaNo too. Pinterest breaks are always necessary :D

    1. Haha mine was a bit twisted lol cause I started half way thought the month, and didn't do the official one xD
      I'm with you on that, I don't know what I ever did without Pinterest!