Saturday, December 21, 2013

7 Ways to Prepare For a New Writing and Blogging Year

2014 is just 10 days away people! For the last year, we have been hunched over the keyboard, typing away, weather its at your novel, shorts story, poems, or blog, if your like me, you're ready to sleep for a hundred years. At least. 
However, I'm a firm believer in finishing things with a bang. If I'm not asleep or drinking coffee. So while your winding down for the year, here is 7 ways to prepare for a new writing and blogging year.
  • Clear out your drafts 
If your like me, you had a tone of drafts that are unfinished blog posts. If your not going to finish them, delete them! Be merciless. If you have some you don't want to delete then...

  • Finish any blog posts that you want to publish
I think the best way to start a new blogging year is to have put the last year behind you, not to drag posts that meant something the year before in. Again - if you can't finish the draft, hit that delete button!

  • Make sure everything is in folders, or organised how you like it 
In the middle of the year, I spent hours sorting out my photos and documents into the proper folders. You know what? It's way better when you can easily find what you want. Start the new year by being able to find what you want with a few clicks. 

  • Buy a new notebook
Don't just write 2014 in big letters on a clean page in your notebook, invest in a new one. Also, collect all your scribbles and jotted down notes, and enter them into your current notebook, so you don't lose them.  

  • Update your profiles! 
In my view, there is nothing worse that an out of date profile. Profiles are there to tell us about you, so if they are out of date, we aren't really learning anything about you. Every year we get older, and our interests change. Surely this means details on our profiles need to change. (Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Google+, Facebook ect.) 

  • Make some goals for 2014
Don't just stroll on in to 2014 with a glass of wine. March with purpose, and a list of goals! Make some goals for what you want to achieve. Print them out, pin them up. Then they can glare at you as you eat cake instead of write. 

  • Make some lists
Write down the things you want to blog about in 2014. You want to express your view on something? Write it down to remind you. Even better, if your a notebook-person, and keep a notebook for your blog, write the list in the front cover. 

  • Make a to-read list 
If you are a writer, you should be reading as well. Someone very wise (I'm not sure who) said that if you don't have the time to read, then you don't have the time to write. Maybe it was Stephen King? Please, please make some time to read. Get a library card, and dive into the wonderful world of published books. It'll help you find our what niche in the market needs filling in. And, it'll help you see whats out there in your genre. 

In all, make sure 2014 will be your best year yet :)  

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