Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Help

I know I'm running late. That seems to happen a lot at the end of the year. Anyway, for anyone who is as disorganised as me when it comes to Christmas presents, here'ssome ideas and places to shop!
I don't like getting 'stuff' for Christmas, because within months the 'stuff' is at the back on the cupboard, so I have tried to pick things that will last and be used for a long time. (click on the picture for the link)
Please note: The only time I am disorganised is Christmas. Every year. Without doubt.

For the writer:

Go Away I'm Reading Mug 
Water proof note paper!

A notebook is always handy note things
down in, especially as a writer.

I use a journal to write down things
about my day, and thoughts.
I often come back to it to see how I
expressed I felt about certain things. 

For the Horse Lover:

On the back, LIVE,  LOVE, RIDE,
and on the front, a small horse. 

I don't think theres anything better
than getting a mug with a horse
on it. 

I hope this helps you :)
Otherwise, good luck with your shopping!


  1. hahaha i love the writer stuff!! I want that notepad!! :D (what writer wouldn't?) that should be something Stephanie should get for Christmas. ;)

    1. I know!!!!!!!!! :D
      When I saw it I was like.... Is this for REAL??? I get heaps of ideas in the shower xD