Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm a Pantser

I really can't help it.
For those who don't know: pantsers are writers who write 'by the seat of their pants'. They take their very basic, vague idea, and run with it. The story can be filled with complicated twists and turns, because even the writer had no idea where it was going as they wrote it. Well, maybe a vague idea. Possibly. What are edits for?  Pantsers sit down and write as it comes.

The opposite is, of course, a planner. The one who knows what's going to happen before they have even written the first line. They have personality charts, character profiles, those fancy tree things that have everything that happens on them. I would go so far as to say some planners have as much (or more) outline as they have novel, pages and pages of words about the novel/story.

Then there's those who would say they are neither, they plan a bit then go for it, leaving gaps to be filled as they go. Personally, I'm with the view that you have written out a basic plot plan for most of your novels, you're a planner, but if you usually just scribble down a few sentences with a vague idea, then dive into it without any notice, your a pantser.

I used to be a planner. Nothing would be left uncovered, I planned everything. The problem was, I would spend 80% of my time planning, and 20% on writing. I never got very far. I also found sticking to plan was annoying and I didn't like it. I just wanted to write.

I'm a very organised person. I color code things. I have my books lined up alphabetically. My room is tidy. I plan my day. That's why I wasn't expecting to be a pantser. It was a surprise to say in the least.

For Whispers, I sent myself an email saying:

It wasn't a hard job (opening) They grey -- ect. 

a horse whisperer 

a journey

 a horse 

What do you know, I haven't written anything else down abut it. It just comes out. And it must be ok like that (hopefully!), cause I'm over 46,000 words in. It hasn't even been a month.  I got the idea, and I wrote. 

Stephen King is a pantser to, you know. I think that makes it ok. 

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