Friday, December 27, 2013

Stumble on Your Blog: Resources to start with

I have spent hours and hours reading about how to get the best blog design, more traffic ect. ect., and I thought I would do a series on what I have learnt while doing this. It's hard with so much social media around, people have so much to read, they're not sure where to go.

I don't have any claim to knowing that much about the blogging world, but I'd love to share what I know and have learnt.

When it came to me in the night that my blog wasn't a fleeting passion of giving myself to the world wide web, I realised I really needed a better design. Seriously, if you haven't seen any of the designs I had before my current one, you're lucky.

I drew inspiration from many places to come up with what I have. I have decided to list them, so if you're looking for a change, or a better upgrade, you to can draw inspiration. Head into 2014 with confidence and an awesome blog.

  • A colour wheel. I used this wheel to come up with the colour I wanted, and it gave me the HEX number, so I could change other colours into the green you see today. 
  • The Thinking Closet. I stumbled on this post about your "About" page, and it rang true with me, and I followed some of the idea's, which is evident in my about page
  • These 100 designs. I spent along time looking at other people's designs, working out what I did and didn't like, and what I would like incorporate into mine. 
  • This blog. Ideas, templates, buttons - I spent hours buried on this blog searching out backgrounds and shapes. And reading tutorials. 
  • This article. The simple tips provided really helped me because I wanted a simple look. 
  • Other's blogs. I also spent a lot of time looking (and admiring) what I liked about others blogs, and what I didn't like. I would read their pages, look at their menu's and pictures. 

From this, I realised I wanted something simple, with a plain background, a nice header, and a lot of pictures.

How you display your blog to the world really is a big deal, because people will leave if they can't navigate it or it is messy. While its important that you love your design, its also important that others will to.  

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