Monday, December 23, 2013

Tag: You Know You're A Writer When...

Thanks to Ryebrynn over at Ryebrynn's Random Rambling tagged me for this :)

What I must do: 
"For this tag I must link back to the person who tagged me, state four to six tell-tale signs of being a writer (without knowingly copying anyone else), and proceed to tag as many more bloggers as I see fit." 


  • You carry out conversations in your head with your characters. 
  • Everything people say/wear ect. could be in your current story. 
  • Every moment is used by thinking about your story. 
  • You see a house or person in real life and its makes you stop because it/they look like something from your story. 
  • You tell people that your characters make decisions. They think you are mad. 
  • Not being able to write makes you grumpy. Very grumpy. 

And with no further ado, I would like to tag:

HorseFrenzy, who loves writing and is brimming with ideas 
TW, who is a great writer and friend
Journey, who I blog with (here)
Mary, who I also blog with (here)
Samuel, who's blog is awesome! 

Do not feel you have to do this, but I would sure love to read your post if you do! 


  1. Wild Horse, I had so much fun doing this and I had a little break and so I decided to go ahead and do it now. :-)

  2. Thank you for tagging me! I would tag you back, but.... ;)