Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whispers Completed

I have finished the first draft, and my word count is on the side bar. I'm really happy, and have started planning the sequel, which I'm calling Whispers Next Door for the moment.

This drew an 'oh nooooo' from my mother. Really, how bad can it be?

I will be taking 6 weeks of break from Whispers, before I start the editing. Hopefully my Granma will agree to help me edit, she did professionally as a job for a while I believe. I'm pretty sure its a bit of a mess, because I didn't write it all in order. Right now I think it makes perfect sense, but in 6 weeks...

As I struggle with being descriptive, I think my word count will go up rather than down.

Also, starting Whispers Next Door will hopefully help me learn even more about my characters and develop them even more.

Bring on January 25th!

In other news, Hunter threw up again today, and we discovered he has worms, so an emergency trip to the vet was made so we could worm and Him and the evil Blackberry. Guess who is responsible, and cleaned up after her poor kitty?


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! That's awesome, Wild Horse!!! YOU ROCK!!!! I'm dying for January 7th to come so I can edit my NaNo novel! ;)

    Eww. Gross. Poor you. :/

    1. :D :D Thanks!!! I can't wait either, so I have to keep reminding myself that waiting will improve my edit.
      Hopefully it won't happen again now he's wormed lol

    2. :D Yeah, I'm doing the same... :/ If you ever need a eye to read a first draft, call me up. (or email me up, that's sounds weird...)