Sunday, December 15, 2013

Writing Challenge: Day 3

Day three of the writing challenge: My day in detail. 

Well. I guess that means today. 

I woke at about 9:20am, because I've been having a bit of insomnia, and didn't sleep very well the few nights before.  It was 20 minutes until we had to leave for church, so patted my cat for 5 minutes before I got up (glad my sore throat was gone). 

I then had some cooked toast (not quite yet brown, because that would be burning it) with penut butter on it. After that, I made some herbal tea, and got dressed in jeans and a singlet top. Somewhere it there, I cheeked with dad we were still going to church.

I made sure mum had all my diabetic stuff, then me and my sister guessed that we wouldn't go to church, because dad wouldn't have enough time to get ready. 

We were right, so at about 10am, I changed into some around the house clothes, and cleaned the kitchen for mum, dad vacuumed, and mum put stuff away. My sister stood in the middle of the chaos drinking the rest of the herbal tea I had made. 

After the cleaning was done, we talked about the challenge of being a Christian in the modern world. I drunk coffee. Then we started our Bible study, which was the book of Esther. We each took turns to read, then summarised what had been read, and we did that for 5 chapters. 

At 12:30, we stopped and made a huge raspberry smoothie, and just chatted. 

Then I did some writing and research, and stopped about 3:40pm. I patted Hunter (my cat) and told him how cute he is. After that I read a book, which was really good. When I had finished my book, at about 4:50pm, I got of my lazy backside, and started dinner. And made some herbal tea. 

Dinner was ready at 5:50, and it was very yummy :) 

After dinner, I was excused from my chores because I had cooked. 

As of yesterday, I have started playing my clarinet again, for my own entertainment. Considering I played 3 years, and have taken 2 years off, I'm doing pretty well. Yes, sometimes it squeaks, but I'm playing pieces I played in concert in my last year. So I did practise for about 35 minutes. 

Then I made some more herbal tea, and sat down to answer my messages. Then I remembered I'm doing this challenge. And realised it must look like I'm obsessed with herbal tea. Oh well. 

Now it's 7:40, and I'm going to drink the rest of my tea and blob some more. 

One can never do to much blobbing. 


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