Friday, January 24, 2014

5 Weeks and 6 Days Since 'The End'

Tomorrow it's 6 weeks since I typed 'the end' on Whispers. Of course, considering that there is half a sequel, it's not really the end, but thats beside the point, isn't it? The point is is that tomorrow I will be allowed to open my draft, and read it. I can begin the edits.

Let me lean back in my my chair and sigh for a second. I've heard enough scary editing stories to scare me forever, but sensible people don't make history (or something like that) so I'm going ahead. I'm diving in, feet first, in a pencil dive. Or maybe a bellyflop, because I've had my far share of those.

Anyway, I thought I would share this piece of writing with you. I did it while I was on holiday.


She materialises next to me without warning, and settles herself on the couch a few inches away from me.

'Hi.' She tugs on my headphones, and with a sigh, I remove them. 'It's getting close to 6 weeks.' She jiggles her knee.

'I guess.' I don't look at her as I say it, keeping my eyes fixed on my page.

'Well, we are all happy that we will be doing things again, Nathan and Bryan keep fighting. Katy is being such a drama queen, so to be honest, editing my history sounds pretty sweet now.' Fanny spins her hat on her hand.

'I guess.' I say again.

My eyes slip side ways, looking at the character I made and gave life to. Fanny is chewing the inside of her cheek, her brown hair is in a hasty ponytail, and she's wearing jeans. She sees me staring, and runs her hand over her jeans, felling uncomfortable.

'I've been wedding the garden.' She picks some dirt from underneath her fingernails.

'Din Uncle Aldo help you with the roses?'

Fanny nods, and begins to chat about what he's taught her. It's such a filmier trait that I wrote in for her, her whole posture is so familiar, her movement. An ache forms in my stomach.

As much as I love my new characters, I miss Fanny a lot.

'You ok?' She breaks off talking about roses to ask about me.

'Yea.' I heave a sigh.

'Well, I promised Kizzy a swim today. It's been super hot.' Fanny lightly gets up of the couch, and turns to smile at me.

'See you on the 25th.' She raises her fingers in a wave, and just like that, she's gone.

Suddenly I can't wait to start the edits.


It was a fun little piece to do, and it helped me look forward to the editing. I've been thinking about how I feel like each story has a song to match, and for a long time, every time I hear Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons, I'm dragged back to sitting at the computer for hours, and the endless nights I lay awake thinking about Fanny and her story. So here's the the song:

Call me crazy, but tomorrow couldn't come soon enough. 

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