Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back From My Happy Holiday

Here's the thing about New Zealand compared to the USA. While you can stand in Texas and not see Kansas, in NZ, from the the North Island, you can see the South Island. From the South Island, you can see the North Island. Considering I have never left New Zealand, my world is not very big.

That saying, I like being able to see the other island. I'm back from holiday (duh), and I had a great time! Despite most of the time I could (kind of) see my home, I still missed it a bit. My cousin's are vegetarians, which was hard on me and I missed Hunter.

In all the holiday free of wi-fi was a success. I've decided to do a series called "Without Wi-Fi" about my time away from Email, Pinterest, and all things internet. Will I be going back? Heck yes! See you next summer, crazy South Insland-ers!

On a side note: One day, we need a small group of writers to have a writers retreat out there. It's so peaceful, and free of distractions *cough* Pinterest *cough*. My Uncle knows how to make coffee y'all.

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