Thursday, January 23, 2014

Four Cats Later, Are We Crazy?

We got our new cats today! Their names are Marbles and Pouncer. These are technically nick-names, as they registered with different names. However, I don't want to complicate things, so they will stay Marbles and Pouncer on my blog.

After Hunter got of the shock of two new cats, he showed some interest, but chasing things outside is one of his first loves, so he left not long after, and has been in and out a few times. Blackberry gave a nice show of hissing, and I think we can see who's boss.

In all, I can see much laughs and fun ahead of us, now there is a cat for each member of our family. When Marbles and Pouncer have settled in, and are allowed outside, I can see the need for us to employ someone to open and shut the day all day for Hunter, Marbles, Pouncer and Blackberry.  

Blackberry just can't believe
 we have bought yet more cats into
her house.

I have already said sorry a million times, but
Hunter is not to impressed with having to share his spotlight.
(Don't worry baby-cat, your still my number one :D )

Meet Pouncer. He's noisy, and has already made
several escape attempts. The light is off in this, his coat
is the same color as Marbles.  
Hunter (top) and Pouncer (bottom) touch noses. Marbles and
Hunter are yet to meet. (Again, the light is off)

Marbles is pretty quiet - yes, his eyes are quite big for his face.
It is not a trick of light. 
What do you think? Cute attack or what??!


  1. Ohmygosh they're so cute, Wild Horse!!! :) Poor Blackberry and Hunter... hope they'll enjoy they're new friends! :) That's a lot of cats. The alst cat I had was named Precious. I found her as this little bitty kitten that was no bigger than my eight year old hand. We all thought she was going to die, since the three kitten before her that we had tried to save had died. And she lived! :) She's now a gorgeous cat living on a different island (Java). We left it at the house we had lived in, basically we gave it to our landlord, his wife loves her so much! :) She would be here with us, but, uh, the airport just kind of kills the animals. :/ So we thought it best to give her away.

    Anyway, I'm talking too much...

    TW Wright