Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guest Post: Abrielle Lindsay Seattle

I'm very happy for Abielle (TW) to be with Opal Swirls today! I meet her through Go Teen Writers, and she has kindly agreed for one of her characters, Catrinity, to be interviewed. I will be doing the same for her, over at her blog :) (Here is the link)

Without further ado:

Abrielle Lindsay Seattle is a girl with a hunger for a document, a nice, good book, or an excuse to use Pinterest. She writes all kinds of Christian YA books, though all are still being written or are in the first draft stage. She probably reads too much, but shouldn't everyone?
Abrielle Lindsay blogs at Ravens and Writing Desks (ravensandwriting.blogspot.com) with a couple writing friends and Books, Books, Books! (thebooksbooksbookblog.blogspot.com). She lives in Papua, Indonesia.

1: Could you give us some stats? How tall are you, Catrinity? Age? Hair/eye color? 
I’m 5’ 6”. 26 years old. My hair color used to be blonde, but after the curse, it turned into green dreadlocks. And my eye color is brown

2: What is your biggest fear?
That Manic and Karina will die—and leave me alone

3: Do you have a best friend(s)? What are their names? 
Yes! And I have no idea how I could live without Manic and Karina. Jillison comes along later, but she too is loyal and a wonderful best friend!

4: What is your favourite color? 
Oh my. I can’t say. Color is something that I have chased away and I’ve missed it for six long, painful years. So, back to your question, I have to say that I love all colors and can’t pick just one favourite.

5: Are you a messy or tidy person? 
Pretty messy, I guess. I drop things in a hurry to not blow at someone

6: If you had to drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
One thing… I guess it would be water, or something related.

7: Do you like to be around other people
I love to have friends, but hate to blow up in their faces. I guess it’s a so-so. I love to be around some people, but hate to be around some others.

8: Do you have any pets/animals? 

9: Could you tell us a bit about your family? 
I had a father, a mother, and a brother—all dead now. I know my father—but hardly, I never knew my mother, though her image—or what I believe her image to be—dances in my mind at times, and my brother was much older than me and died long before I was born

10: What is your 'fatal flaw'? Do you believe you have one? 
I believe I have one. And it’s something that caused my whole story: Giving in to everything, even when it sound like a bad idea from the start

11: Do you like to always come out on top? 
I like to be on top. A little too often.

12: Do you always obey TW, your writer? 
Hardly ever. 

Thank you for taking the time to do this, TW! It was awesome having you :)

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