Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Guest Post: Ryebrynn Lyla Shveer Crossblade

I'm very happy to introduce another guest to Opal Swirls, this time, Ryebrynn! I did a guest post for her, and she is generously returning this visit!

Today we are siting down for a chat with her main character, Velaine D'Avare, the young Queen of Aelsu. After reading a bit about her, it sounds like her and my main character, Azar, should meet up over some coffee or something. 

Anyway, without further chatter by me, please welcome Ryebrynn and Velaine!

Ryebrynn is a peppy, twelve-year-old MK(Missionary Kid) to Liberia, West Africa, who loves to read and write fantasy books. She's 89% Extrovert and most people call her a Grammar Nazi. She wears a cool trench with black converse(sometimes red ones, and soon(hopefully) blue ones) and sometimes a black hat. Her hair is usually braided neatly(or not so much...) and she can be found in her room, stroking her books. In Africa, she writes a lot, reads a lot, and talks a lot(her siblings can testify to the talking part). She blogs at Ryebrynn's Random Ramblings and The Author and the Characters. So that's her. The extended version. In short? Weird. Strange. Awesome. A complete nerd.

1: Could you give us some stats? How tall are you, Velaine? Age? Hair/eye color?
I'm almost six feet tall. I'm roughly twenty-three years old. I have long, completely straight blond hair, and green eyes.

2: What is your biggest fear? Why?
To lose someone else. I've lost so many people, and I think I wouldn't be able to cope if I lost someone else.

3: Do you have a best friend(s)? What are their names?
The person I'm closest to would have to be Erellon. Other than him, my dragons; Shyla, Myrkal, Misty, Skyril, and Renna.

4: How do you like to dress?
I normally dress simply--just a plain white dress or something, fabric depending on where I am.

5: Are you a messy or tidy person?
Definitely tidy.

6: If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
*bites lip* Hm... Probably apples. Or bread.

7: Do you like to be around other people?
Yes, but it can get tiresome after awhile.

8: Do you have any pets/animals?
I don't know if my little dragons could count as pets, but I do think a kitten would be nice.

9: Could you tell us a bit about your family?
Well, I guess there isn't much to tell. My parents died a few years ago, and I have brother around here somewhere--I still need to find him.

10: What is your 'fatal flaw'? Do you believe you have one?
I have a lot of flaws, most of them I'd rather not delve deeply into.

11: Do you mind losing?
As in losing people, places, or just losing in general? I mind all of those, but people most of all.

12: Do you always obey Ryebrynn, your writer?
I rather like to think I do, but with everything happening at the moment, I don't think that she thinks I do.

Thank you for coming around and answering some questions Velaine! It was awesome having you and Ryebrynn. Come again soon :)