Saturday, January 11, 2014

Short Story - The Road Works

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This story came to me quite suddenly, and I decided to sit down and write it. It turned out at about 700 words, and I'm pretty happy with it. I would love some feedback! 

The Road Works 

He could feel the sweat trickle down his back, the heat from the passing machine pounding over him in waves, along with the noise. He didn’t even need to look up to know that the sun was still glaring down at him as well. His watch beeps 4 times, telling him yet another hour has passed, with him standing there on the road side.

His radio cracks slightly, and a glance down the road shows his partner raising her’s to her lips to speak to him. Sighing, he waits for her harsh voice to reach him. 

‘Turn your “Go” sign over, Rod. I have a huge line waiting.’ 

Rod doesn’t argue, even though he wants to point out it wasn’t his fault. For the 20th time, he wishes he was working with his usual partner, John. He was fun, and kept up a light banter, even though Rod normally gave one word replies. He lets one more car through, then spins his sign around, so the red side with the huge letters spelling “stop” on it shows. 

A light blue car draws up, starting the new line of cars. 

‘Hey, Mister.’ A boy leans out of the car window. About 10, Rod guesses. ‘How long do we have to wait?’ 

Rod takes his hat off, and runs a hand through his short hair. 

‘Liam! Get back in the car.’ A woman leans out the window. 

Rod glances in the car. Next to Liam there is another boy, and in the passenger seat is a teenage girl. All the windows are open, allowing a fresh breeze through the car.  

‘Sorry about that.’ The woman smiles, and rolls her eyes. ‘Honestly, being a single parent is so hard sometimes.’

Rod nods. He knew nothing about being a parent, let alone a single one, but he feels like it is the right thing to do. He lets his mind slip to his empty apartment. No kids, or wife. Just him. Not even a cat. His job allows him to slip into these depressed states. To much time for thinking. 

‘You ok?’ The woman looks concerned. Rod quickly pulls his face into a blank, and nods. The boy pokes his head out the window again. 

‘We thought you were going to cry.’ He informs Rod. 

There is a long, awkward silence. 

‘Oh.’ The woman pulls her bag onto her lap, and rummages around in it. ‘I know it’s here somewhere…’ She mutters. Triumphantly, she pulls out a small card. It's tattered and dog eared. 
‘Here.’ She passes it out the window, and waves it in Rod’s face. Rod stares at it. 

‘Take it. Please? I know, it’s a bit corny.’ The woman widens her eyes slightly. No one’s looking, so Rod reaches his hand up, and the woman drops the card in it. Rod’s fingers close around it. 


‘What are you doing? Your turn for “go”’ The harsh voice screams through his radio, bringing him crashing back down to the job at hand. Rod twists the sign, and the blue car inches forward, taking the woman with it. 

‘Mum, you are so embarrassing.’ He can hear the teenage girl groaning. 

Rod opens up his finger, and stares at the card. One side says “Pass it On! Make Someones Day!” in bright letters. He turns it over, and squints to make out the curly writing.

 “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside of God’s care. Matthew 10:29.” 

After that, the writing is in bold. 

You are not forgotten.” 

Rod re-reads it several times, then tucks it into his pocket. He feels a small smile form on his face. It was nice of the lady to actually pass it on. 

‘Lets start packing up.’ His boss bellowed. 

His watch beeps once, telling him another 15 minutes had passed. Work is over for the day. Instead of locking himself in his apartment tonight, maybe he would accept the invite to go to the work BBQ. Who knew? It could be fun. He might find someone to give the card to. 

The thought of not  passing it on never occurs to him as he helps stack some cones. 


  1. I got sucked in instantly, Wild Horse. Gosh, that was really good!

    Keep writing it!!! We'll forgive you for the time you spend on it over blogging! ;) Haha, just kidding, we might not... ;)

    TW Wright

    1. Thank you, I'm thinking it might come it parts, showing the people who get the card ;)

  2. That is awesome :D
    Your such a red headed brain ';)