Friday, January 31, 2014

We Wave Goodbye to January (Already)

Here in New Zealand, it is the last day of January. It's flown, hasn't it? We are 1/12 through the year and I haven't even started school yet. Anyway, I thought I do a quick round up of the first 31st days of 2014.

  • I celebrated my birthday - what age, I cannot tell you, but my mum cooked up some beautiful coffee ice-cream 
  • I went on holiday, and survived without wi-fi
  • Our family got two new cats, Pouncer and Marbles, to join Hunter and Blackberry  
  • I passed my exams 
  • I opened the first draft of Whispers
  • We bought me a school uniform, which I will be putting on in 5 days

In all, I feel like January has been ok. I haven't done anything to dramatic, or huge, but I think February will be exciting! 

So how was January for you? 


  1. So is your birthday on the 31st? My older sisters birthday is on the 31st which for us is tomorrow. :-)
    January for us has been very chaotic. OK, it probably hasn't been but it sure has felt chaotic. Just with random things like recovering from Christmas to preparing for my brothers surgery that we didn't think he would have until February.

    1. It was at the start of the month ;)
      I hope the surgery goes ok! :)

    2. Yeah, the surgery went fine. :-) It has been about a week since he came home from the hospitable.

  2. Here in Papua too! I'm shocked at how fast Jan. went by! It makes me wonder how soon April will get here... I had a pretty ok January. I little tough around the edges, but overall it was a pretty good month.
    Something I did was almost finish Painted Skies, the first draft, which now stands longer than all of my other first drafts. :D Yay! Yay for you for starting edits! :D

    Hope everyone else had a great first-month!! :D

    TW Wright
    Ravens and Writing Desks

    1. Haha same here. Last year went fast, but this year seems to be going faster again!
      Congratulations! Finishing a draft (almost) is awesome!