Friday, January 24, 2014

Without Wi-Fi: Part 2

In Without Wi-Fi: Part 1, I talked about how I discovered sleep, because there was nothing else to do at night. My second discovery was that without Wi-Fi I actually did some writing. Without Pinterest breaks. I almost fell over when I found out that it's possible to write without regular Pinterest breaks. 

Guess what? I even managed to do a page of writing what went through my head. Trust me, I'm keeping that piece to myself. I'm calling it 'Exercise of the Pencil' (that sounds corny now I see it on the screen). The inside of head is a very scary place. I scare myself - and that should scare you even more. 

Without a screen to distract me, I properly observed and engaged with the people around me. Learning to love the little things is something I have been working at a lot lately. I have a notebook full of blank pages, waiting to be filled! How amazing is that? 

I wrote about my cousins, what they was like, what we had done, what we were doing. (Sorry dear Cousins, but I was kind of stalking you). I wrote about the dogs, my sister, what I could hear. I wrote about my sunburn. 

In fact, I have a piece I kind of want to share, but then again, I'd like to keep it for myself. We'll see. I even tried my hand a few poems. I can almost promise at the pain of death only my eyes will be seeing them. I don't think I'm a poet. 

When I realised how much I got done without the internet, I decided I wanted to have a writers retreat out there someday. 

Would you come? We could tell stories out loud over morning coffee, describe the sunset, swimming and what we can see. When its to hot to be outside, we could sit inside and write until our hands fall off, while listening to Imagine Dragons. 

Who's in? 

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