Tuesday, February 25, 2014

She's a 'Country Kid'

What subjects do you do? Is it hard? How is it going? Are your teachers nice? Have you made any friends?

These are all questions I have been asked since I re-joined the world in taking part of public schooling.

What subjects do you do? I do English, Math and Science because they are compulsory. My options are Geography, Business Studies and Drama.

Is it hard? Nope. In fact, apart from practical work, I have already done the work they give me. There are a few gaps here and there - but there are also things I learnt last year that they will not teach me until next year - this is simply what happens when you change curriculum.
I also take Drama outside of school, so there are no holes there. Business Studies is new, but easy so far. I love it. Geography is boring at the moment. We are doing a lot of book work, and I work much faster than the rest of class because they all talk. I sit by myself, trying not to fall asleep (especially when it's the last period of the day).

How is it going? Great! My class mates are warming up to me (they love my red hair), and I have friends on the bus and there's always someone around who I know either by site, vaguely or well.

Are your teachers nice? My teachers are amazing at making everything fun. So far, every one of them that also teach my sister have gotten the two of us mixed up. We are years apart.
My English teacher is hilarious, and for (I'm guessing) a 50+ very modern. However, from what I've heard, her humour tends to fall flat with the younger years. My Math teacher is very helpful, and takes great delight in assisting me whenever I need help. My Science teacher is really nice, like my Math teacher she loves helping, and makes everything fun.
Geography is ok, my teacher tends to sometimes ramble ond get of track, but she always cheeks to make sure your doing your work. Business Studies is good, Mr is amazing at keeping on subject, but also being able to give many examples about one thing. My Drama teacher was a bit of a dragon at the start, but now she has calmed down slightly, and we have got into the swing of things, she is a pile of fun. You just have to laugh her off ;)

Have you made any friends? I hang out with my sister at lunch, in a group of 7 or 8. In class, I have made 3 or 4 friends, but I know about half the names, and they are all very friendly, and others have begun to strike up conversations with me. They mostly start with 'Oh my gosh, your hair is so long/the most amazing color...' (Um, thanks...)

So in one word, I would have to say school is satisfying. Spending all day around people tends to make me tire fast, but I think that my choice to go to school really was the best thing for my education. Not my writing, not my blogging, not to my hermit state, but in the end, my education is the most important.

I find hanging out with town raised kids gives me a reason to laugh. The other day, we were sitting at lunch and a girl was like 'imagine if you had a pet pig then ate it.' All my country raised friend and I could do was laugh.
The same girl had a discussion with some boys in maths who were surprised to find she doesn't hand milk cows, knows what the internet is, uses it and also owns an iPad.

For 'country kids' we are advanced! Seriously though - it's what they call us.

Lamb and Calf day. Good times. When everyone was a 'country kid'


  1. So you homeschooled? Do you miss it? I don't think I would fit in at a public school.

    That's funny about the 'country girl' thing. I never thought that that was how town raised kids viewed us. :) If I didn't have internet I don't know what I would do. haha

    1. I was! For fours years!
      I don't miss the people much, I miss the free time and no homework ;)

  2. lol I have three younger siblings that have curly red hair and no matter where we go some one always comments on their hair. :-D