Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Friend Zoning with Style

My sister and I refer to the hour as the "Friend Zoning of the Century". And to be honest, it's probably true. A boy has probably never been friend zoned like I managed to do on Friday.
It started in Drama. Ironic, right? I'm sitting there in my assessment group of 5, when Ruby says 'You two should go out'. She was talking about Jackson and I. We glance at each other, and I know this will change the perspective the group has on me.

'Thanks, but no thanks. I have morals and standards.'

Ruby, Jane and Adam all give an 'oooh' and 'ouch'.

I'm wincing as well. I had walked half the way to drama with Jackson, and I thought he was nice - as a friend. We've talked a few times, because we take 4 of our 6 subjects in the same class.

There's a heart beat of silence, then Adam asks 'standards?'

I look at them all in the eye. 'I will only date a Christian boy, and I don't shop around. It's nothing personal, Jackson.'

Another small silence. Inside, my stomach flips. What have I done?

'Why would you only date a Christian?' Ruby's frowning.

'Because I'm a Christian.' Another silence.

'Cool.' Adam.

'So you believe in God?' Jane.


'So do you like, live in a barn and milk a cow? Do you dress in matching clothes?'
I laugh, and hide my shaking hands.


A barrage of questions follow. What do we think of gays? Do we hate them? What are my parents like? Can Blacks be Christian? What is a Jew? Satan was a snake right? Have you ever been kissed? Are Christians perfect? How come I don't go to a Christian school? What is a Christian? Are Catholics and Christians the same? What do we eat? Have I ever been to a party? Do I drink alcohol? Will I be a virgin when I get married? Why is Mary called the Virgin Mary? Do I believe in the new or old Bible? Is your sister a Christian? Did you do sex-ed? Have I done drugs? Does God answer your prayers? Do we look down on people who smoke? How did Jesus get inside Mary then? How can I believe in something I have never seen?

The questions went on for the entire lesson - we got about 5 minutes of work done. The conversation was littered with comments like:
'You'll never find a boy who will match to your standards.' Ruby.
'If God wants me to get married, he'll supply the right guy.' Me.
'You go girl. You wait for the boy who is worth it.' Jane.

'I think your wise.' Adam.
'Not really.' Me.

'You're kind of normal though.' Ruby.
'Um, thanks?' Me.

'Your parents sound cool.' Jane.
'Ok...' Me.

'Baptising is like when they drown you, right?' Adam.
'Ummmmm.' Me.

'Did God rape Mary?' Adam.
*Oh boy* Me.

'I'm glad its not personal then.' Jackson.
'Sorry.' Me.

'Do all Christians think they are perfect?' Adam
'No. We have many faults, like anyone else. I have to many to count.'
They all stare at me.

'So are you like really smart then?' Jane.
'No. I'm average.' Me.
'So what do you do all day then?' Jane.
'...' Me.

'Well, you're the happiest single person I have ever met.' Ruby.
'Thank you! I'm very happy.' Me.
Another second of stunned silence.

I was on a buzz for the rest of the day - I still am. I found the conversation hilarious, but wonderful at the same time. I was so glad to share what I thought, and fix what they thought about Christians, but at the same time how them that Christians are not perfect, in fact, we are just like them!

It would have to be my best hour ever at school - and I wouldn't go back and change it for anything.

The weirdest part was, Jane sat down with me for a few minutes at lunch with a question, and when she left, Ruby and her friend came over and hung out. Poor Jackson disappeared.

I don't blame him - I feel really bad about the whole thing. His face when I said 'I have morals and standards.'...

I feel like I have withstood my first test of faith at school. I welcome anymore heading my way! I think it's very important to question others standards, and discuss your own.

My dad reckons that if you firmly hold to your standards, then boys will try to rise to them.

My only problem with the whole conversation is that I don't want them to go away thinking I won't date any boy - therefore making me a challenge.

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. - 2 Corinthians 6:14 

*I changed my classmates names for the story*


  1. Wow, that is so neat that you were able to talk to your classmates about being a Christian. Though some of those questions were really funny.

  2. Stand up for what's right! In this world, there's so many snares that Satan tries to throw our way :) Sounds like you had some interesting times at school, though :) I loved the way you answered, girl <3
    Blessed is the man
    who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
    nor stands in the way of sinners,
    nor sits in the seat of scoffers;

  3. Ouch. I am so glad I've never had to go through something like that. :) I hope that if I do though someday, that I might be able to handle it as well as you seemed to have done.

  4. Oh my gargoyles...I thought it was a story, and then I realized it was your life, and I really commend you on the way you handled that!