Sunday, April 20, 2014

Character Development: Seeta

I decided its time for some character development! Seeta is going to go first. He is one of the more prominent characters in Playing With Fire, one of my works in progress. Seeta is a skilled horse rider, and is incredibly conceited. If you have any questions for him, please leave them in the comments and I will do a post with your questions in it.

Describe yourself. I'm a Windeater, my hair is black and I'm bigger than Ruwa. I am the best horseman my age.

What do you usually carry in your pockets? Food, string and interesting things I find. Or take.

Describe your childhood. My mother left when I was five. My Father re-married a witch (not literally. I hope). Father rarely had time for me, unless I was demonstrating some skill, or making and breaking my engagements to pretty girls.

Do you like cats? Don't you think horses are so much better?

Where did you learn most of the things you know? You'll be surprised to hear I am quite resourceful and observant.

Are you good at fighting? Do you want to find out?

Did you like your family? Why/why not? My step mother is greedy and I will never live up to my father standards. We barley get along. No, I don't like them.

What are you good at? Riding horses.

And what are you not good at? Tact. My tact is entirely lacking.

Have you ever been in love? Love is the most dangerous game to play, don't you think? But there is an amazing girl I hope to marry one day. That’s her on the right.

What words describe you? Handsome and vengeful.

What is your weakness? I think any campers first response should be 'I don't have any weaknesses.'

If you have any questions for Seeta, please leave them in the comments :) 


  1. Who do you look up to the most? What do you like about horses? Ex: They don't talk back, they never lie, etc. And what are your goals in life? :)

  2. I loved reading this, WildHorse! Thank you!

    Do you have a horse? If so, what's its name? Where do you live? Is there any tech. stuff around there? If you aren't horse riding, what's your next thin on the list?

    Thanks for this, WildHorse, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    He is Risen!!

    TW Wright