Saturday, May 3, 2014

Character Development: Ally

Today I would like to start on the questions for Ally, remember you can leave any questions in the comments :)

A quick bio about Ally...
Ally has been struggling with bulimia and anorexia for almost 4 years. She and her brother, Heman attend the Christian group at Middleking every week. Ally has given her life to God, but still struggles with her self-worth. She loves to sing, but often her eating habits cause her voice to fade or crack. Her brother Heman is trying to help her, as doctors have failed. Ally is generally very friendly and is more likely to judge herself than those around her. Her red hair (I could hardly not have a character with red hair!) often causes people to remember her from their first meeting. Ally has kept her eating disorders a secret from those around her. 

How do you feel about your problems? I try not to think about it, but I know that its a huge part of my life and one day its all going to come to a head. It's quite scary, because I know I can overcome everything with God, but I never seem to have the mental power to pull myself out from it. 

How is God helping you through them? God is like a solid rock I can lean on. I often feel unworthy, even though I know he accepts me. Ever since I have placed my faith in God, I have been slightly better, I can even keep a meal down sometimes. 

Is there someone special who has been an inspiration to you? Demi Lovato is someone I often look to as a success story, because she took a step toward getting better by entering rehab and coming out stronger than before. Otherwise I look up to my big brother Heman because he takes the lead when know one else will, and he loves me no matter what.  

Are you generally organised or messy? Organised, some would say slightly obsessively. 

How would you describe your childhood in general? My childhood was interesting, my mother struggles with depression to this day, and my father is a reclusive writer. I've been to several boarding school, always with Heman. I can't say I ever really had a childhood, in our house we grow up quickly. 

What is your favourite food? Lettuce salad would have to be up there, its one of the things I can keep down as long as I don't eat to much

How do your family handle your eating disorder? Dad made me see 5 different doctors when he found out, however they didn't help. Mum cried a lot when she found out, otherwise she has never really talked to me about it, or tried to help. Heman supports me and tries to understand me, but sometimes he's unhelpful (for example, hovering over me to make sure I eat is not very helpful). 

If you have any questions to add, put them in the comments :) 

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