Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Snippets, Playing With Fire

Playing with Fire has a Pinterest board here and you can read about it here. Enjoy! I especially like the last one :)


There’s a chest outside my door and 3 steps to the right. It’s for decorating purposes, but I use it to store my daggers, knives, swords and bow and arrows. I glance quickly left and right, then open the chest and take out two daggers. One with a 8 inch blade, and one with a 10 inch bland. The 10 inch is double bladed, my personal favourite. I slip it into my belt, and keep the 8 inch in my hand, buried in the fur. 
I’d hate for someone to try and hurt me. 

I move closer, blocking the view from anyone else. Her left side is heavily bruised, where she fell off the ladder. I stare at the mottled green and purple for a few seconds, then carefully prod it. Cre whimpers, and her body jerks away. 
She glances down, and squeaks. 

‘Where’s the Stone?’ Cre lowers her voice. I point to my bag. We all stare at it, as if waiting for it to start walking around. Ruwa stands up and stretches. 
‘Well, I’m ready to go, so I’ll tack up the horses.’ 
We all move quickly and quietly, packing everything back up, erasing the evidence of us being there. Half an hour later, we break free of the trees, and keep moving north, toward the mountains, which we have equated to safety.   

I wake to the steady drip of rain. It is like a blanket of mist, falling slowly, the water clinging to everything it comes in contact with. Cre has curled up next to me sometime in the night, and her breaths are slow and steady, her back pressing into mine with each new breath. I quietly roll over, moving away from her. 
She makes me uncomfortable. 
Seeta is hunched over, huddled under his cloak. The horses stand with their heads lowered as well. Ruwa is leaning against a tree, his eyes closed, his small breaths mixing in with the fine rain. The air is cold, and I wiggle my fingers, but they remain stubbornly cold as well, like blocks of clumsy ice stuck to my arms. 
I clamp my teeth together, and blow my hands. They tingle slightly after a few minutes. The wolves eyes watch me from the shadows as I plod over to Brandonich. Seeta lifts his head, and his miserable eyes great mine. Sarcasm coming
‘Fancy a dance princess?’ He asks, a hit of a smile lurking around the corner of his mouth. 
‘I hope the gods eat you.’ I say flatly, not in the mood for his mood. 
‘I thought you didn’t believe the gods existed.’
‘Pee your pants.’ I lean on Brandonich’s wet coat, letting his warmth steep into me, before picking my bow up. Seeta sinks back into his cloak, ignoring me after my last retort. Ruwa moans in his sleep, but I pretend not to hear it. We all have nightmares, best just to leave it. 

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