Wednesday, October 22, 2014

If God is real, then how is there good/evil in the world?

I sometimes experience extreme flashes of anger toward the human race. I'm not going to beat about the bush, these flashes of anger come from illogic comments I read on the internet. Let me put it like this: I am an INTJ. This means I like to be logical, analyse things, be critical, think about them, and make concise decisions from my results.

My parents in no way have forced me to be a Christian. While it would bother them if I wasn't, they would not try to force me into faith. I came to the decision that being a Christian was a the best and most logical thing I could ever do.

And I love to debate why, despite INTJ's being the least likely personality type to place faith in a higher power, I have. And because I love to collect knowledge that allows me to form arguments, I have devoured a few books that have allowed me to carry out debates with my atheist friends.

I love to debate and discuss ideas, and am always open to new ones.

However, what I want to express my point of view on today- and I can because I live in a democracy, with this thing called free speech, which I have every right to exercise, Christian or not- is a question that I often get asked. It usually goes along these lines:

If God is real, then how is there good/evil in the world? 

Everyone who asks me this hasn't really thought the question through. This is why: 

1: Breaking the question down

To ask this question, you assume that there is good and evil in the world and that God does not really exist. However, the good and evil you see may not be the same as my version of good and evil. 

Example: I think that murdering babies is ok, while you disagree. 

Why do you have a right to think that murdering babies is evil if I think it is a good thing to do? Why should your subjective point of view be the right one? 

Definition: Subjective- based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

So if everyone has a different, subjective, idea of good and evil, we need to find an objective definition of good and evil. 

Definition: Objective- (of a person or their judgement) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

2: Good and evil 

As I often do, I will turn to the internet for the definition of good and evil. 

Definition: Good- that which is morally right; righteousness.

Definition: Evil- profoundly immoral and wicked.

This word, moral came up in both definitions. Lets look into the word. 

Definition: Moral- concerned with the principles of right and wrong behaviour.

Definition: Wrong- unjust, dishonest, or immoral.

Definition: Right- morally good, justified, or acceptable.

So to decide if something is good or evil, we must obey our morals, which tell us what is wrong and right. However, a few moments we discovered that right and wrong are pretty much the same as good and evil. In 1: Breaking down the question, we discovered that good and evil is subjective! 

So if every human has their own subjective morals, how on earth can we pin down an objective definition for good and evil? 

3: Hunting down the objective definition of good and evil

Every human makes subjective decisions, no one, no matter of their religion or race can make an objective decision. Therefore we need someone, something, outside of the human race to make this objective definition.

For Christians, this is God. Depending on what religion you follow, if there is a higher power, then they provide your objective morals.

4: In conclusion 

We need God or a god to provide us with objective morals, which will tell us what is good and evil, what is right and wrong. However, if your question is "If God is real, then how is there good/evil in the world?" the problem is that without a god, we have no idea what good and evil objectively is. 

This is where the flaw is. You see, to tell us if something is objectively good or evil, we need a god. If you assume that there is no god, then how can you assume that there is objective good and evil?

To decide what is good and evil requires God, but you do not believe that He is real, so how can you assume that there is good and evil? You believe that there is good and evil, but it is completely subjective. 

Until you come to believe in God and He provides you with objective morals, you telling me that the God who provided me with what good and evil is cannot exist because there is good and evil. 

Was that too confusing? Can I clear anything up for you? 
It takes your head a while to wrap around the fact that the question refutes itself.

P.S. I have been told I cannot express certain views that line up with my beliefs lately, so I have been feeling quite strongly about free speech. 


  1. Wow, that was really good Wild Horse. I would have never been able to sit down and written something as, I don't know, thoroughly thought through as that. That was really good.

  2. Brava! That's exactly what I've been taught as well. However, I think it's also worthwhile to add that there's also a reason God allows evil to happen: that free will thing. Although God knows everything, He has to allow us to ultimately make our own decisions and allow the consequences of those decisions to happen, otherwise when we give ourselves to Him it is not in service or love but because we're rag dolls He plays with up in Heaven. If He did not allow evil He would also prevent our ability to do good—which kind of sucks, and kind of doesn't.

    That's my two cents, anyway. You still did a great job with what you said!