Monday, October 6, 2014

October, Why?

I am so not ready for October. Where did September go? September was good. I want September back! I'm back in June still, so excuse me while I put on an extra jumper and don't even think about exams.

October means exams are 4 weeks away.
October means Summer will soon be here.
October means school starts again.
October means people.
October means a drama performance.

I don't want it to be October.

Why, October, why?

(If anyone has seen Doctor Who, I need a ride back to 2008, thanks. June, at least please.)


  1. I know, right? Where did September go? I am not ready for October. Too soon, too soon... >.<

    xx Nicole Rose

  2. Oh the joys of October ae?
    But if we look on the positive side ;)

    Exams are coming so sooner they are over
    October is even closer to the summer holidays
    October means cheap lollies everywhere
    October means 3 months till your birthday!

    1. Good point! Holidays + cheap lollies are very good things about October already being here.

      4 months till yours! :o :D