Friday, November 14, 2014

Paper Hearts: Bronte Miles


General: Bronte is quiet and loves the local library, and her family his very close to Ethan's. Her nickname is Bee, which suites her. She sits still for so long you forget her, then she gets up and moves quickly, getting everything done at once. She is full of confident advise, you just have to listen. She is caring and sensitive like Ethan (they share the same personality type). While Vicky and Amber are both quite outgoing and seem to be very close, Bronte is what really keeps them together. Bronte hides a lot of things, and keeps many secretes. She is a Christian, and hates that her friends try drugs and get drunk.
Amber puts it like this: "If you ever find your Bronte, you should hang onto her."

Family: Mom and Dad.

Interests: Books, cooking and one day she wants to raise a family.

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