Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paper Hearts: Joe Dare


General: Joe Dare lives in a nice house, in the nicer part of Coal Creek. The lawn is littered with cars he is 'fixing'. His parents are often away on business trips, and he throws parties when they do go. He gave up trying to make them care a long time ago, and uses the emergency money they leave him to pay police fines when the neighbours complain about the noise.
Joe drinks and smokes, a cycle he cannot stop, but tries to help others stop. Joe dated Vicky for a few months, and they seemed perfect for each other. However, old habits die hard and before long Joe moved onto another girl. Joe pretends not to care about anything, but it is a mask.

Family: Mom and Dad.

Interests: Football, drinking and throwing parties.


  1. I love his face,
    And I love his character.

    1. Thank you Maddie- the person he shows to the world loves himself as well ;)