Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paper Hearts: Ruben Eaton


General: Ruben and his father moved next door to the Chambers when Ruben was a few months old. Ambers mom very quickly took the baby under her wing and raised Ruben as her own child alongside Amber. Ruben's mother is buried hundreds of miles from Coal Creek, in her home town. However, when Ruben was 13, him and his father moved to Denver without a backwards glance.
When his father overdoses, Ruben comes back to coal creek to live with the Taylor family until he finds his own home. Ruben always speaks up for what he thinks is right, and people tend to gravitate toward him. Ruben is easily hurt through abuse of trust, and he often falls into over investing into people.

Family: Ruben is an orphan, as far as he is aware he has no blood relatives.

Interests: Ruben likes to play basketball, and it was considered that he would have a bright future, but he's given up on all his sports and other hobbies. He spends most of his time just wondering or watching football.


  1. *applauds for Denver* Ruben sounds like a cool character! I wonder what kind of decisions he would make with that kind of backstory...