Saturday, November 8, 2014

Paper Hearts: Theo Taylor


General: Theo filled a locker with shaving cream on his first day of school in Coal Creek. He is different from the rest of the group, he came with a criminal record, and real 'street smart'. He doesn't do drugs anymore, but still drinks at every chance. Theo has a tense relationship with Ruben, because he likes Amber more than a friend.
Theo always thinks things through, and carries out his choices with gritted teeth. When he says he will do something, he does it. He still struggles with anger problems sometimes, but working with horses has helped him hugely.

Family: Theo is adopted, and his adoptive parents have older children, but it just him and his step mom and stepdad at home.

Interests: Horses and other 'troubled' teens. Theo doesn't have a job or any idea where he is going with his life.


  1. Make sure to remember that there are teens who don't do drugs OR drink :-)

    1. That is true! Bronte barley drinks, Ethan not at all, however most teens in real life do experiment with drink and drugs, even some from Christian homes.
      I go to a decile 5 school, where many kids do drugs, and pretty much all of them know the taste of alcohol, even if they don't drink. I am using this a inspiration for the average mainly non-christian friend group.
      I will keep your comment in my head because it is a good point :)