Monday, December 29, 2014

2014: Onward

The 6 days after Christmas are the last 6 days of another year. It's hard to chose how to spend them. Do you want your last days of 2014 to be with family and friends? By yourself, to reflect and make new goals? Do you want to spend them doing something you love?
Personally, I like to make lists, and so today I bring you several lists about 2014.

10 Highlights
New friends,
New music,
Going oversees,
Seeing HorseFrenzy,
Good drama performances, 
The school library, 
Finishing my WIP, 
Growing in my faith, 
Doing things I thought I couldn't do.

10 Disappointments
Not seeing HorseFenzy enough,
Not getting the English marks I wanted,
Bad drama performances, 
Looking back rather than forward, 
Being lazy and paying the price,
Holding on to dumb stuff,
Questioning myself, 
Not writing in my diary more.

3 Game Changers
My Family, 
New friends.

3 Things I Focused On
School work, 

3 Things I Forgot
Pinterest doesn't count as homework, 
Some people like you for you,
Every action has a reaction. 

And to finish, a quote from one of my characters, Amber:

Are you a list person like me? If you make any lists about 2014, leave me the link in the comments and I'll check them out! 

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