Friday, January 30, 2015

I Love... From My Holiday

I love coming around a point when the wind starts.

I love the gentle spray from a boat.

I love catamarans and the fascinating way they work and the waves they cause.

I love it when the sea is a sheet of rippled glass.

I love how my blonde streaks get lighter and my freckles get deeper.

I love the noise underwater.

I love that moment as you jump off a boat, just before you hit the water.

I love feeling the subtle adjustments from the helmsman.

I love how the landscape is right out of my story.

I love the suns heat with the breeze to wash it off.

I love my sea legs.

I love the thump of the boat hitting the wharf.

I love seeing the bottom of the sea, at least two meters deep.

I love the scream of the cicadas.

I love seeing other kayaks, other boats because it brings back memories from my childhood.

I love rope that has been turned green by moss living on it.

I love the constant slap of waves on the shore.

I love feeling the hum of the boat as it bounces off my heart, over and over.

I love that everything else seems small and far away.

I love the seabirds floating along lazily on the breeze.

I love kayak wars when you are screaming and laughing so much, you almost tip the boat.

I love the piercing scream of someone who was brushed by seaweed.

I love that I am family, so I will walk up the damn hill, not matter how hot it is.

I love houses buried in trees up to the roofs.

I love how I am infinity scared of the sea, but I feel safe anyway.

I love knowing that the sea runs in my families veins and being out there makes me feel like I've found my safe place.

Wild Horse is trying to not move. It's quite hot, and she's doing her best to enjoy it, but really, she is a winter person. So far this summer, she's only been sunburnt two times, and hardly has any new freckles. She's quite pleased about this because otherwise when she starts back at school, people will think she spent 8 weeks stealing souls. 


  1. Beautiful. Such straightforward poetry is something I admire a lot, because it's so difficult to make something so clear but so layered. Aaargh.

  2. This is awesome, and this is my favorite line: "I love that I am family, so I will walk up the damn hill, not matter how hot it is." BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST LINE on account of it made me laugh. But, the rest of it is very heartfelt, and it's a very lovely recreation of your experiences. :)

  3. This was so poetic-ly written. Beautiful as always :)
    Makes me long for summer so much....