Friday, January 2, 2015

My Four Friends (Middleking Prep)

Ally is fighting herself. She knows what she does is wrong, she knows that she needs help, but somewhere in her these thoughts are overridden by a system preference that has been set for a long time. She is like a crunchy bar, smooth on the surface, but a confused mess underneath. 

Soph is bitter. She is ripped up inside, but her whole life, she has been taught to hide her weaknesses. She doesn’t want to be hurt anymore, so she hides behind a mask of cynicism, and inflicts the pain she feels on others. She is a sour lolly, at first your mouth rejects the last, but after a while, you begin to enjoy it. 

Dylan is so effortlessly perfect. Her whole life is posing for others, and in her own way, she makes it look easy. Her hair sweeps off to the side, every item of clothing has a brand name. Dylan is beautiful, but so broken on the inside, she is like biting into a lolly that looks nice and being disappointed by the lack of filling. 

Alex is searching for who he is. When we are alone on the weekends, he brings his camera and wears his glasses. During class he wouldn’t be caught dead with either. He so desperately wants to be something that deep down he knows he isn’t. He is like a gummy worm, two different colors that never mix, they meet in a smooth line in the middle. 

All four come from families swimming in money, but unlike their parents, my four friends have realised something: Money doesn’t stop divorce, addiction and death. Money doesn’t buy love or happiness. Money doesn’t stop the silver trail of salty liquid down someones cheek. The only thing money can do is temporarily hide and bury pain.


  1. Wow... Their problems were so artfully spoken! This is definitely a story I want to hear more about!

    1. Thanks :)
      The Middleking Prep characters are characters I really haven't been nice to.

    2. We're writers not fairies. We don't have to be nice to anybody fictional if we don't deign to.