Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Art of Characters Linkup

So, this is my first linkup... I'M SCARED. I'm going to try very hard not to mess up. So here goes. 

I'm a silent stalker of the blog that runs this link up, and I'm sorry that I'm creepy like that. I can't help it. I'm shy, even on the internet. 


The Linkup: 

  • Find three pieces of art that describe your character. This can be your own drawings or cosplays or sculptures, someone else's art (with their permission and/or crediting of course), celebrity pictures, or a combination of the three.
  • Answer the questions below about your character's description and link back to this blog so if anyone else wants to participate they know where to go.
  • Put it all in a blog post or deviantART journal.
  • When you post it, link up and you're done!

The Character: 

Azar is from Playing With Fire (which I also call King of Fire). She narrates the story. 

She longs to stand on her own two feet, but at the same time, she has no idea how to do it. 

Azar doesn't think about herself, she generally worries about her actions effecting others, so she is always hesitating.

Without realising, she gives those around her what she most wants: protection and someone to listen. 

The Questions: 

What does your character's eye, skin, and hair color tell about him/her?
Azar has dirty blonde hair, and tanned skin. Her hair comes from her late mother, who was so blonde, she bordered on silver. Her skin is the same complexion as most Terra inhabitants.  Most of Terra also has brown eyes, and you have to get quite close to Azar to notice that she has green mixed into the brown of her eyes, making them hazel. 

What does your character's hairstyle tell about him/her?
Azar wears her hair in a french braid, normally one straight down her back, but Cre has started putting little braids down the side of Azar's head, leaving the centre free. Her hairstyle is considered practical.

What does your character's default outfit tell about him/her?
Azar likes to wear leggings, boots and a (mans) shirt. It means she can carry a number of weapons on herself, move with ease. In general, it means she is viewed as one of the people, rather than a princess. Azar is unaware that she comes across like that, something that drives the King mad. 

Does he/she have an object(s) he/she carries around a lot?
Azar always has a dagger hidden somewhere on her person. Normally, in her boot. 

Does he/she have any particular scars or birthmarks?
Azar has a scar across half her stomach an one a finger length from her shoulder toward her chest. She also is marked (a story secret, I divulge no more). Her hands are also scarred (another story secret at this point). 

Does he/she have any piercings or tattoos?
That comes later on in the story. I haven't written that bit yet.  

How does he/she carry themselves? Shoulders back? Eye contact? Eyes down? Slumped shoulders?
Azar knows her standing in the world. She carries herself with confidence, and makes eye contact. However, she moves quickly, because she is nervous- of what, she's not sure

What is his/her default expression? Smiling? Frowning? Solemn?
Azar spent one winter practising raising one eyebrow. She often uses this skill, with a look of derision. Azar makes smiling look painful. 

Does he/she wear make-up or face paint?
When Azar and [Boys Name] are blessed, they have blood painted on their faces. Otherwise, Azar views the preening of the woman at court a waste of time. Not to say she hasn't used what we would consider make up. 

Does his/her physical appearance change at any time? For example: If they have a power do their eyes glow or hair turn blue?
At one point, Azar does darken her hair temporarily. Otherwise, she just adds to her collection of scars and bruises. 

So there we have it! My first link up! You can join as well, here. If I can do this, anyone can.


  1. Thank you so much for participating! Azar sounds really cool. ^ ^ Blood being painted on her face seems morbidly cool lol and the scars make me curious. Keep up the good writing! ^ ^

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Thanks :)
      It is quite morbid, isn't it? It seemed like a cool idea at the time. And brutal, because some of the blood is her own. Azar has had her share of knocks in life.

  2. XD This is awesome! It's always great to get a little insight into our characters, no?

    1. It is! And bringing to light my morbid mind xD

  3. Ooh, Azar is a fabulous name. ;-) And I TOTALLY understand being shy on the internet. I'm super shy in real life, and I let myself go a little wilder on the internet, buuuut....I have my moments when I just introvert from everyone. x)
    Aaanyway. Azar sounds really tough which is fabulous!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thanks :) It took me ages to decide on it, it means fire in Persian which I love.

      Same here haha I'm quite often intimidated by other people's blogs xD

      Physically, I suppose she is- not so much mentally.

      No problem- thanks for stopping by here!

  4. Internet shy? *cough* you mean me? I relate to that. Too much I think.
    Azar sounds amazing. Really. She seems like a really sweet person.
    I really want to do this now. Hmmm.

    1. Thanks :) Sweet is one word for it ;)

      YOU CAN DO IT! :)