Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Posts I Enjoyed Recently

It is time for another bout (is that the right word? It makes it sound like I'm sick or something. "Wild Horse has had a bout of enjoyable blog posts! Not to fear, we think she will soon recover.") of Blog Posts I Enjoyed Recently.

I have to keep doing these because people won't stop writing awesome blog posts! Very inconsiderate. I'm collecting links like mad because if I read something awesome, you should to, and we can all be happy. It does make me feel a bit stalker-ish though. Some of these posts are older.

Blog Posts: 

Support Your Fellow Writers @ To the Barricade!
THIS POST, people, THIS POST. We should all be over at this post. Because Captain Jack Sparrow is at this post. So we should be at this post. Understand? 

These posts always make me laugh, but at the same time, it is a very practical way to get thinking about the way your villain is created and then carries out his or her work. 

Minions and Things @ Sometimes I'm a Story
Fandoms, fan names, minions and things. While I do admire those who call their readers something (like minions) and don't sound condescending, I can't do it myself. This post made me think more than I was expecting. 

Monday, Funday: Fog Machines and Vomit @ Random Rants by Rcubed
This post made me laugh a lot. Then I felt kind of mean. But I love Rcubed's humorous out look on life. WE ALL BLAME THE SALAD.

Awakening @ Autumn's Readings & Writings 
I just held my cat (Hunter) and watched these beautiful video's. THIS IS MY COUNTRY POEPLE. I live in this place! If you only have time for one, I suggest Amplitude.

Ace Harrod  @ Writer and Proud
Other peoples characters! Always so awesome! And it's fun to read about characters that might be like yours in a completely different setting and world.

Valentines? @ The Wonderful World of my Life
A though provoking post about valentines. Personally Valentines Day drives me mad because it's generally practised by sappy people and I have no patience for them.

Monster @ Indonesia Around Me
A short piece that reminds me of flash fiction, but is really part of a story TW is working on. THE DRAMA in this short bit is huge.

5 Ways To Find Books You Will Enjoy @ Butterflies of the Imagination 
I had only ever thought of one of the ideas on this list- so I expect my TBR will start to grow as I become more active in looking for books I will enjoy. ALWAYS MORE BOOKS.

What to Do When You Lack Inspiration @ Red Lettering 
We've all hit that wall. We've all let the blank cursor taunt us. We've all lacked inspiration. BUT NO MORE.

All is Fair In Love and Plot Bunny Catching @ Spiral Bound 
This post made me laugh, and it's a great, light hearted post for all writers. Go read, laugh and admire gifs.

Role Models @ Brooke's POV on Life
I'm a teen, and I think that yall are to (if you are an adult, this post is still for you, but I wonder why you are reading my blog (Unless you are my father)) and I think that as we get older, we do look to others for guidance, but we don't always look in the right places.

Interactive Posts: 

5 days left! On the giveaway for Out of Darkness Rising, the newest novel from Gillian Bronte Adams.

A link up. This link up is for a setting in your story world. I want to do all the link ups, I can't seem to help it.

Another linkup! This one is for your Antagonists. I did one a while back for protagonists, so this seems like a cool follow up.

Blog Tags:

Sarah and Inklined tagged me for the Epic Reads Tag, so yall can look forward to that.
Autumn offered me her cookies (chocolate chip, of course), and we both have a terror of spiders. Maddie, however, refuses to bring me cookies, and wondered what happened to Old Zealand. Brooke made me realise how many mormons there are in my region and said she is would bring me cookies if possible.

AND!! Rachel finished her first draft! So big kudos for her- she stuck at it and has worked really hard!

Have I missed anything? Any posts you have enjoyed recently I haven't got on my list? 

Wild Horse is wondering how so many amazing blogs came to be. She finds it all rather interesting. In fact, how do you get into the blogging world? Do you suddenly decide you want blog like the ones that help you with your homework? Wild Horse's Father and Uncle both do website coding. So it's been part of her life for a long time. 


  1. honestly i'm not sure what to comment. like maybe a mix of lol, XD, funny, inspirational, and HOW ARE THERE SO MANY AMAZING BLOGS?? Like really.... I have so much clicking to do now.

  2. Ooh, really awesome recs. Going to check out the (Captain) Jack Sparrow post now :D

  3. Oh, thanks so much for the shoutout! :D There are lots of other great blogs here as well... *visits all the things*

  4. Ooh, thanks for including me! I need to remember to visit all the things but I won't do it because I'll forget and now that is just sad. Good on ya for sharing, though. :) Way to go!

  5. I am going to check some of these blogs out!!