Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Building Blocks of Character: Antagonists Link up

My third link up! I'm going places people! This link up is run by Rachel and Adriana Gabrielle and is all about the your Antagonist. You can click on their names to go to the page of the linkup.

-Take linkup theme pic and post on your blog. 
-Show us one (or two) pictures of your Antagonist. 
-Answer the questions. 
-Link back to either of our blogs. 

Is the antagonist a person or a concept? 
Both- it's complicated. Lets go for King Durban.

Now give us your villains description! What do they look like? What do they wear? Scars, tattoos or birthmarks? 
King Durban is a big man, he wears leggings, a shirt and boots when he is relaxing. However, when he is going about his duties, he wears and embroidered tunic, leggings, boots and his fur cloak (unless it's summer, then he would wear his cloak without the fur). His jaw is square, and he often leans forward when talking. Behind his ear there is a small scar, otherwise if he has any scars, tattoos and birthmarks, nobody knows about them. 

Does your antagonist have a special trademark item? 
The King does like to wear his crown. 

What is a theme song you have for your antagonist? Does it tell their story? Or is it just some epic song? 
Have To Save a Life by The Fray would describe how he tries to look after Azar. Shots by Imagine Dragons could describe whats he's done with his life. But I haven't gone one song that describes him, no. 

Is there a tragedy that has stuck with your antagonist through their life? What is it? 
King Durban isn't Talented, unlike his younger brother. And while his brother is dead, and he wears the crown, he is still bitter about it. The worse thing is that Durban is the first person in the Kepula line not to be Talented. This has been kept on the down low. 

What is it that is deceptive about your antagonist? What tricks people into believing they are good?
Like I said, it's not that Durban's bad. Sure, he does some stuff that he shouldn't, but power and bitterness have clouded his vision. He honestly does want the best for Azar. He just achieves his goals in a different way. And that, I guess, is why he's deceptive. He can manipulate and play to the people, but behind the Castle walls, he could be doing anything. 

What is the main motivation for the antagonists actions? Are their morals just mixed up? For the protection of someone? Revenge?
King Durban is a very confused man. People have been telling him what to do all his life, and he doesn't really know how to think for himself. He does things out of revenge, he does them out of what he thinks is best. He wants to protect Azar, but he mixes that up with his bitterness. 

Does your antagonist see themselves as a hero or do they know they are a villain/antagonist? Do they want to be the 'Bad Guy'? 
Durban recognises that some of the things he does would have him usurped. He doesn't want to be the Villain, but he knows that as King, he has to take responsibility for some things that make him the 'bad guy.' At the same time, he couldn't care less- he's the King! 

Has your antagonist got any criminal records? Or had s/he broken any laws? 
Durban makes the laws. 

Now, last but not least (because we love to embarrass our characters), What is your antagonist deepest secret that (if found out) would embarrass them greatly?
If it got out that Durban wasn't Talented, he would be hugely embarrassed. The same with a child that should never have come into being...

I have never spent so much time on Durban without thinking about my other characters. I like this link up. Tell me about your antagonists! 

Wild Horse would like to think she is quite the villain herself. Sadly, everyone thinks she is a nice Christian girl who doesn't swear, shares her lunch and class notes then goes to Church on Sunday. However, Wild Horse has read enough murder mysteries to know that it's the nice quiet ones you should keep an eye on... 


  1. Argh, this link-up sounds absolutely so awesome too and I desperately want to join. Let's see if my schedule works for it.And Durban sounds like an interesting monarch -- troubled, but assured of his own power. Those *cough* secrets re: non-Talent and bastard (I'm guessing?) may doom him someday. Really intriguing!

    1. Yes! Link up!


  2. Thanks so much for participating in the link-up! Sounds like an interesting character you've got there :D

    1. haha no problem- it was fun. Thanks :)

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for doing the link up. He sounds like a very interesting antagonist. :)