Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Life Recently

 Our garden is kind of big. Sometimes I leave the house and walk around it. We have 50 scattered fruit tree's, so I generally leave when I am starving to death.

Just kidding, my parents aren't quite that mean. I actually normally leave the house to take pictures, as was the case a few weeks ago.

I'm to shy to look at the camera then put the pictures on the internet. Sorry. I like to hide behind bushes and trees. Or just not look at the camera.

Hunter thinks I'm weird. I think I'm hilarious (but you don't know that because I left the funny photos out and now there is only these three left which is kind of disappointing I guess).

I'm trying to enjoy the last day before school goes back (I start tomorrow, where did the holidays go??). By that I mean eating at weird times, sleeping on the lawn in the tent, reading books and writing a million blog posts.

It rained as well. I like the rain. And when I went outside to enjoy it, I though of all you amazing people you said in the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award you like to dance in the rain (or not). I reflected how weird/awesome it is that we can be in all corners of the world, and still be connected.

I feel so ready for this school year. I am ready to be stretched, I am ready to laugh with my friends and I am ready to do hard things.

Wild Horse is kind of looking forward to school this year (it's one thing to be ready, another to look forward to it). She's doing all her favorite subjects. Unfortunately, 4 out of her 6 subjects are in the 600 block, which happens to be her least favorite block. On the bright side, the 600 block classrooms have the most interesting views. 


  1. You'll do great this school year, I'm positive. I'm at the point where I don't really care what I look like anymore. :P You should really post more pictures! They're pretty good :D

  2. Have fun at school! And enjoy your time there, and feel free to tell us all about it. :)