Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Story Worlds: Setting Link up

My second link up! Yay me! And I hope to do another one in the next week or so. This one is run by Rachel and Adriana Gabrielle and is all about the setting of your story. You can click on their names to go to the page of the linkup.

-Take linkup theme pic and post on your blog. 
-Show us one (or two) pictures of your setting. 
-Answer the questions. 
-Link back to either of our blogs. 

My story is set in the Kingdom of Terra. The name, as common as it sounds (it means earth/world in several languages), really means a lot in the context of my story. 

Terra is a lot like New Zealand, many of the landscapes I describe I have really seen. 

What is your genre? 

 What is the majority of the setting like?
To the north, it's hilly and there is a huge range of mountains. To the south, it is flat or generally rolling. The land is grassland, but more sandy to the west. 

Has this world got a memorial landmarks of any kind?
The Burial Circles are a huge deal. Most people think that they came about by dark magic, some think that they were built by someone to scare the King from his throne before The War. Also, castles. There's quite a few of them. 

What is the transport like in this world? 
Horseback, boats or horse and cart. 

What time period is it set in? Have you used an concepts from historical era?
A long time ago, I guess. I couldn't pinpoint a time for you. I have used concepts from the medieval world. 

Who is in control in this world? 
The King. Please keep in mind though, that Terra is not a world, it is a country. 

What are some of the laws this world has? 
You pay a tax (mostly of food) to the King each year. The King can call you to fight during a war. Saying something bad about the King is treason. Terra is relatively free of law- murder and stealing is punished by locals, rather than the King bothering most of the time. You have to keep in mind however, that peace was made a little less than 100 years ago.

What is the common religion of this world? And what are traditions they have? 
A centre religion died out after The War. However, many (mainly along the coast line) continue to worship the gods of the sky and sea, because they risk their lives each day fishing at sea. Farmers might mutter something if it doesn't rain often enough, but otherwise, the King tries to stomp out strains of religion. 

Are there any special (annual) events or holidays that are celebrated?
The Harvest is always celebrated. All the Old Holidays died out after The War

What are you waiting for? Go forth and link up as well (you know you want to)!

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  1. Oh well now, that sounds like a lovely medieval fantasy backdrop! (And this ominous War ... chilling backstory potential.) I might join in on this link-up too, it sounds absolutely fascinating.

    1. That would be awesome! I hope so haha. And yes, The War isn't really mentioned by most people (memories are mostly passed down verbally, and memories of the war aren't something you really want to pass on), but it plays a huge part in their history.

  2. Thank you for doing the link up! Your world sounds amazing. I love it how fantasy can be based around the New Zealand landscape. :)))

  3. This sounds like a cool feudalistic society! It almost reminds me of Ranger's Apprentice, actually, just as for how it's set up. You'll have to tell us more!

    1. Hmmmm yeah, I guess some of my inspiration subconsciously comes from there, because Ranger's Apprentice are some of my favourite books. Also one of the best story worlds and a series that I would love to be be even a tiny bit as good as :))