Thursday, March 5, 2015

11 Things I wish 13 Year Old Me Had Known

Being 13 is hard, and I wish I had known more about the world than I did. That saying, if I hadn't gone through what I did, I wouldn't be who I am today. If I could go back and change things, but still be who I am today, here is what I would want my 13 year old self to know.

It's important to cling to what you want
Never, ever give up on something because someone told you to.

Realise your limits 
Don't give up on something because someone told you to, but at the same time, realise your limits. We are all good at different things, and there is a fine balance between doing what you love and what you are good at.

BUT you should also learn to hold your tongue 
Be honest with yourself and others 
At the age 13, I still thought I was going to be a vet. I knew deep down that I wasn't really, but the idea of being something else was scary, so I kept lying to myself. It would be another year before I finally accepted that I was not going to be a vet. Lying to yourself is the worst thing you can do. Don't say something out loud and struggle to believe it inside.

Let go
Tomorrow is a new day. Mistakes happen, people change and leave. Forgive, learn and move on. If you can't let go, bitterness builds up.

Looks aren't everything
I wish that I had been able to realise that being pretty at 13 doesn't mean you will never get wrinkles or grey hair. Being pretty doesn't stop you getting dark shadows or looking tired. Beauty is fleeting, so it is more important to work on something that is not: your character.

You have your whole life to be grown up
When I was 13, I constantly wanted more responsibility. I didn't want to be seen as a kid, I wanted to grow up, and quickly. But when you are 13, you probably still have a good 70 years of adulthood to come. So enjoy not having much responsibility.

Your are always going to be awkward, you just have to learnt to grow into it
At 13, I was was awkward. I still am, but I am growing into it. People who are confident have embraced who they are, quirky and all. They don't care if other people try to shoot them down, because they like who they are.

Don't shoot other people down
All it does is show that you are insecure in yourself. We often say mean things about other people when we are jealous or threatened. When I was 13, I would often moan about confident people and how forward they can be. I was incredibly jealous that they could be the way they are. I still am sometimes.

You can't make everybody happy
So give up now. Don't waste energy then tears on trying to please people. There will always be someone who doesn't like you, or thinks you are wrong. If you are happy with yourself, then all of the problem lies with them, it is not your responsibility to make them happy with you.

You can't be anybody else
I used pretend I was extroverted and outgoing around other people, and I hated every second of it. If people wear you down, accept it. If you like playing the banjo, go for it. If you can't stand the idea of being a nurse, dismiss it.

You can't control everything 
The world is bigger than you can imagine. It is darker than you can imagine, but it is also beautiful. Learn to be okay with not being able to control everything.

What do you wish 13-year old you knew? 

Wild Horse has four days of school off (Athletics day, Teachers only day, then the weekend) and she has been doing normal school work, as if she was at school. Why is a whole day dedicated to sport? Why not reading? Wild Horse would be up for that! 


  1. These are pretty good tips for all ages, let alone 13 years olds! Although I do see how 13-year-olds may end up not doing any of the above; I certainly was bitter, awkward and concerned about looks when I was that age! Overall great post :)

  2. This is a wonderful post! I wish I had thought of these things when I was younger. When I was 13, I thought I could do anything in the world, I still believe that somewhat, but with hard-work and limits. Also I can't stand how naive I used to be. I would pretty much do anything someone told me to do, if I really wanted to be their friends. Let's just say I was longing for friendship.
    Mae :)

    1. I agree that if you work hard enough, you can push what you want to do to the limit. Doing what other people want is something I see constantly among the juniors at school, but no one ends up happy.

      Thanks for stopping by Opal Swirls!

  3. Wow, these are super impressive lessons; if we're honest, I know a lot of people who will be graduating this year who still need to learn the same things. The one, "You can't be anybody else" definitely reminds me of something I needed to learn when I was 13, and I know that saying, "I am who I am," was a really big step for me. These are great lessons, WH! Definitely something awesome to remember.

    1. xD Yeah, trying to fit into what other people want you to be is something I think most 13 year olds struggle with. It was a bit step for me as well.

      Thanks :)

  4. I love this post, Wild Horse. I definitely agree with realizing that it's important to cling to your dreams no matter what and keep on trying because one day you'll get there. I would also tell my thirteen year old self that. I would also tell my thirteen year old self not to be afraid of breaking stereotypes. I would tell her to be confident in being both the athletic girl that's really into cross country and the nerdy girl who over studies for everything and is in all the nerdy science clubs. I still struggle with that, but I'm getting better with it.

    1. Yes! I often felt like I had to fall into the 'nerd' or 'sporty' or 'outgoing' or 'smart' stereotype, and not all four, or just two of them. I think it's great you like Science and sport! I like both as well :)