Friday, April 3, 2015

The Stages of Writing [Camp NaNoWriMo]

In honour of Camp NaNoWriMo, I have compiled a GIF post of the writing process. Now, this might not ring true for all, but I think it does an okay job. Camp NaNoWriMo is strange for me, I have finished King of Fire, which is what I spent most of last year writing. And I miss it.

Annnnyways, without further ado! (does anyone else find ado a weird word? No? Just me?)

The idea face.

One: The idea face. This is what starts you on the path of madness, which leads to being broke, single and owning five cats.
But don't worry! If you make it out alive, you'll also have a novel or at least parts of one.

Two: Your fingers are on fire! You're going to have this done in a month easily! The idea's are flowing without you even having to think. You might pull an all nighter, just because you are so pumped, there is no way you can stop.
Ideas don't just die, right??

Three: The idea's stop, and your mind does a blank. Your eyes grow red from staring at the cursor (and yes, that little blinking line is laughing at you).  
#TheWritingLife #ShouldGetA'Real'Job

Four: You can no longer stand staring at the screen. At this point, you are ready to stop. Like, if someone offered to burn all your work so far, you would say 'YES AND LETS DO A WAR DANCE.' 
Passive typing sped up.
Five: Now that you have taken some time away from the screen, you are ready to try again. You type passively. Every 100 words you say 'see, you can do this!' and give yourself pep talks.
Cat sat on a mat cat sat on a mat cat sat on a mat

Six: That deadline is closer than you thought, isn't it? Time to really type. It doesn't matter what you write. Just write! Words! On a page! 
Does anyone else find that Haymitch offers good advise? 

Seven: You finished it! You are done! You can lean back, cry, SLEEP and realise that there are people who are not part of your imagination living in the world. 

It is, but stick at it. I can't wait to buy your novel one day! 
Where you you in your writing, with or without Camp NaNoWriMo? 
Opal currently feels like she's tipping from stage two to three. It took her 48 hours to write this post, and she started about 10 others she can't seem to finish! And Camp NaNoWriMo got off to a glorious start... for one day. 
Alas, she drowns her sorrows in coffee. A lot of it. 


  1. xD This post was extremely relatable and funny :) Great usage of GIF's! I think you pretty much accurately summed up the writing life :D

  2. This is brilliant. :') cat sat on a mat...

    1. (also I nominated you for the summer bucket list tag at

  3. lol Haymitch is one of the best characters in the book...despite his drinking problem. ;)
    I am still in the 'This is good stage'.
    I found all of this pretty true for me, except for the desire to trash your work. I have never done that, I just skip right over that into the 'You can do this' stage.

    1. HE IS THO.
      I tend to swing from extreme to extreme I guess xD

  4. This is all so funny and true! Haymitch gives a lot of great advice when he's not drunk.

  5. Hmm, that's a really cool insight into your writing process, even though I personally don't go through much of them in the first draft. Honestly, I find first drafting way easier than revisions, so the only time I find it difficult to write is the ending, because then I know it's the terror of revisions. And then it goes into stretches of "I'VE GOT THIS", "gaaah this is hard", and "damn I can't do this". I've never wanted to burn my own work before!

    1. I struggle with all of it. The first draft, revisions, middle and ending. The beginning is the easiest part for me. YOU HAVE GOT THIS! :)
      I have, multiple times xD

  6. I'm on, this is good, for Nano. I've done a bit more preparing than usual so I'm hoping it will help me get through the first draft for once. :) lol The gifs where great.

    1. Thanks :) I hope Camp NaNo is good for you :))

  7. Yessss I feeeeel youuuuu (yes, extra vowels were necessary in order to stress how much I understand) I tried NaNoWriMo (but not the camp one) a couple years back and I gave up about three days in (seriously). You are tough and strong to do it!

    (Those Big Bang Theory and Hunger Games gifs got me fangirling tho)

    O | Life as a Young Lady

    1. xD It's not for everybody I guess.

      Welcome :)

  8. XD I like the Haymitch quote. Very much. I don't even know what it refers to; I didn't finish that series and I don't even care. It's a lovely quote. Also, an all too true description of the system. Keep writing!

    1. *Gasps* How are you alive?? xD
      Thanks :)