Saturday, October 17, 2015

It's All Right Here

One of my friends on the bus is moving at the end of the year,
I squint slightly out of the window,
Imagine never seeing what I see everyday again.

I notice the bolts on a road sign,
The bushes spilling over a fence,
A branch caught in the water as we cross the bridge.

And I think,
My tiny existence is tied up here, right here,
It's all right here.

I could never be ripped away,
There is too much to lose,
Too much to gain as I listen to advise.

I think God's trying to tell me something,
Because I keep hearing it,
Don't do it if you're not sure.

Whispered conversations in biology,
Isn't the world a remarkable place to be?
I hurry to agree.

Water colors spill over lines,
I get my school report,
Teachers saying my mock exams were not what was expected.

And a tiny part of me laughs,
Because a tiny part of me doesn't care anymore,
When did that happen?

A dead sparrow on the side of the road,
A foal playing by it's mother,
We are atoms just waiting to collapse.

Sometimes you just have to wait,
So someone, anyone can catch you.

Because it's all right here.

Opal has 13 school days left before study leave and exams start. It's terrifying. 


  1. OH MY GOSH. Opal, Opal, Opal. I love this poem SO much!! This is one of my favorite things I've read all week. <3
    Grace Anne //

  2. I love this! You have such a beautiful narrative. :)))

  3. this was such a delightful poem to read. you're really good at this kind of stuff ;) amazing!
    and don't worry, i'm sure you'll ace those exams.

    1. Haha I wish :)
      I hope so :) Thanks Autumn :)

  4. this is wonderful :)
    especially "we are atoms just waiting to collapse". this is the truth.

    - nymisha @ sarcastically aesthetic

  5. I love this :) Good luck on those exams!

  6. *hugs post* *hugs it again because it is just too good for words* *nods in agreement with everything said* *wishes you good luck on the rest of school*

  7. This is such a lovely poem, Opal! <3