Thursday, February 18, 2016

Get to Know Me Tag

Liz, my good friend over at Out of Coffee, Out of Mind, tagged me for this. Thanks Liz! I love finding out new things about my blogging peoples. And hopefully you find me sort of interesting as well??

Vital Stats:
Name: Opal
Nicknames: Opal is a pen name, but my real name can be shortened to a lot of things. So I have lots of nicknames.
Birthday: 3 of January
Place of birth: Lower North Island, New Zealand.
Star Sign: Don't know, don't really care?
Occupation: Sadly, not sleeping. High school student with a ton of extracurricular stuff.

Hair color: Ginger all the way!
Hair length: A couple of inches above my waist
Eye color: Blue. They're just blue.
Best feature: My eyelashes.
Braces: I have perfect teeth, so I never had them.
Piercings: No one is sticking needles in my ears
Tattoos: Defiantly in the future! I think I know what I want.
Righty or lefty: I assume this is like when you're writing? I write right handed, but play football left or right.

First best friend: When I was a mini person, before we moved to where we live now I had a best friend. I don't really remember her though.
Award: No idea. I'd have to ask my parents.
Sport: Swimming I guess?
Real holiday: All holiday's are real??
Concert: I live in New Zealand and I don't live in one of the biggest cities. Concert's are not really a thing.

Film: Not sure.
TV show: Supernatural, The 100 and Daredevil.
Color: Purple!
Song: At the moment, November Rain by Guns N' Roses or Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay.
Restaurant: I don't really like eating out.
Shop: I don't really like any shop over any other. If I can go in, buy what I want and leave again I'm happy.
Book: The Great Gatsby (you probably knew that already). I also like the Throne of Glass series. And many other books. I like books.
Magazine: Cosmos.
Shoes: Jandels in Summer, Converse in Winter.

Feeling: Like I have a million things to do.
Single or taken: Single pringle, not out to mingle.
Eating: Eating is a pain.
Listening to: Music + my family.
Thinking about: Why everything seems to happen at once.
Watching: Nothing. I do not currently have the time. Sad face.
Wearing: Shorts and tee-shirt.

Want children: I'm sure if I had children they would be perfect little angels like their mother, but I'm not into kids. Or giving birth. Or anything to do with children, to be honest. No thanks.
Want to be married: Eh. I don't care for relationships. I'm happy with myself and friends and cat(s). I've concluded that for me personally, I don't want to get married. They do say most people end up in a relationship at some time or another. I'm not looking, and can't imagine I ever will be.
Careers in mind: Horse breeder/geneticist, high school math teacher, reader of all the books.
Where do you want to live: Some where cold. With wifi. And books. And horses. But also a football team I can play for.

Do you believe in:
God: All the way.
Miracles: Yes.
Love at first sight: I don't know?? Like, you can be attracted to someone as soon as you meet them, but I'm not sure that's love. It could certainly develop into love though.
Ghosts: Only on Supernatural.
Aliens: No.
Soul mates: It depends. Like, I think that God has someone for most people to marry, but I'm not into the idea that there is someone perfect for everyone out there?? You have to put the work into a relationship.
Heaven: Yes.
Hell: Yes.
Kissing on the first date: Short answer: no.
Yourself: Believing in ones self is the first step to success. It took me a long time to understand that. I'm much happier in general now that I do.

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Do you like nicknames? Do you have any? What is your favorite TV show? Do you believe in love at first sight?
Opal is really sorry she has been around to comment on your blogs or reply to comments on Opal Swirls and post!


  1. This is like, the coolest tag ever! I love it! It was so cool reading more about you!

  2. I've always wondered if Opal was a pen name! I'm really jealous of you for getting to wear shorts. I can't because a) winter and b) it's not culturally appropriate arghghgh I miss new zealand already. (But it is nice to have my own bed.) I'm one of the only girls in my class who doesn't have an ear piercing like you. At one point I wanted them, then I freaked out and now I don't really want them. Anyway, it's nice to get to know you :)

    1. Well now you know :)
      I'd happily take Winter, but I can imagine shorts not being culturally appropriate :/
      I went through 'a piercing would be cool' stage but then I don't think so?? And I think I wouldn't be able to stop at just one in each ear :')
      Glad you liked this post :)

  3. oooh man i loved this post :) it's so cool to know you more....amazing post!

  4. That is an awesome tag!

    1. Thanks Nabila, feel free to steal it :)

  5. I think that when they said "real holiday" they didn't want people to keep saying it was their birthday, on account of even if you are special you're not that special. XD Anyway, I am very curious about Daredevil and Supernatural, so I might PM you and question you sometime. :) Like Shar, I'm kind of jealous about your shorts, because it's also still in the cold-er time of the year, and all of my jeans are wearing out so it would be nice to wear something I don't feel sad about wearing. Great tag, Opal!

    1. :') I never thought of that. YES DO I CAN TALK.
      I was just saying today that I can't wait to wear my jeans again! I'm pretty jealous you guys get Winter atm :)

  6. It was really good to learn more about you! That's so cool that you want to be a high school math teacher, I think it's something I might like to do someday if engineering doesn't work out.

    Also, I've tagged you for the bookshelf tag, if you're interested. Thanks for an excellent post!

    1. Thanks Victoria! :) My first math teacher at high school was an ex engineer :)

      Thank you for the tag!!

  7. Thanks for the tag, Opal!! :) It was nice to get to learn a little more about you! <3

  8. This is great! It was so fun reading and getting to know you better! I was thinking of doing some kind of post like this, but didn't have any ideas, so I might have to do this.

    1. Thanks! Go for it, it's an awesome tag :)

  9. Huh, I did't know Opal was a pen name, but that's really cool. *nods* Also, I think it's cool that your birthday is in January because mine is also in January. Obviously this means we must be long lost twins or something. :P *nods*

    I haven't started watching The 100 yet, but I've been wanting to for quite a while, and I plan to tackle it once I've finished with some other shows--the same with Supernatural and Daredevil.

    You basically summed up my thoughts on kids and marriage. *nods*

    Thanks for doing the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers!

    1. Yeah I used to say that it was, but it's easier to just let people think it's my real name :) MAYBE WE ARE. Our lived could be a YA novel in the making :')


      Thanks for the tag :))

  10. I don't really have many nicknames? Sometimes my mom will call me "Kates," but other than that I'm just Katie. :P
    Oooh, my favorite TV show right now is Lost. Love it sooo much. <3

    1. That's cool :)
      We watched Lost as a family for a long time, but my dad and sister would it frustrating and would yell at the screen, and my mum and I just wanted to watch in in silence to we just stopped watching it :')