Saturday, June 18, 2016

Don't Belittle Teenagers

Dear 'Adults',

Please don't belittle teenagers. Not because we will 'hate' you if you do, not because it ruins relationships, not because it'll start a fight.

But because we're human. And we understand more than you think, but in a different way from what you think. We know we don't have the experience you do. We know that we still have to rely on you. We understand that you want to protect us.

Stop telling us we don't understand the real world. Stop telling us we don't know what we're talking about. Stop telling us we'll understand 'one day', when that magic adulthood hits.

We seek validation in the people we look up to - you. We have something to say, what we think and feel is real. Telling us that a situation is only going to get worse as we get older, or that we're making a massive deal out of something 'small' only makes us close up to you.

And if you stop to think about it, that makes sense. If you attack a venerability, we're going to protect ourselves from that happening again. We live in fear. We live in fear of upsetting our parents, failing high school, not fitting in, what we're going to do once we leave high school.

Tell us that you know it's scary, that you understand we feel stressed. Tell us it's perfectly valid to feel like that, but that with your support we'll push through. Don't tell us its 'a stage'. Don't tell us you were once a teenager, so you understand (while it seems to us because of your superior view, you really don't). We understand the passing of time.

We are the future. One day, it'll be us sitting around a UN table, driving home to our families, producing the music and movies for our children. One day we'll be the ones shaking hands at the Nobel Prize ceremony, writing the news, getting wrinkles around our eyes.

So next time you look at your rude, loud, messy teenager, remember - really remember - they're just scared and trying to please everyone around them, trying to find who they are. Remember that what they see, think and feel is just as real as what you see, think and feel.

Just because the magic adulthood hit you doesn't mean that you can (consciously or unconsciously) belittle teenagers. We're all children in God's eyes.
Opal is SO busy at the moment, and she's really missing reading all of your posts. 


  1. amen.

    you literally summed up everything i feel sometimes.

  2. This is honestly so spot on, I love it, Opal.

  3. Can I have this whole thing on a poster? Or on some kind of really good sticker that I can give to various adults (possibly by sticking it on their shirts)? I feel like that would be useful.

  4. OHHH wow. I love THIS so much that I don't even have words for it. Thank you for this.

  5. This is honestly the best thing I've read in ages!

  6. Ugh, I really love this post. It bothered me so much when adults belittled me as a child, and even since I've been an adult, older adults still belittle me, and it bugs me to no end. For one thing, so many young people are super smart and wise beyond their years (not saying I am one of these people, but I wasn't dumb either), and shouldn't be belittled just because they are young, but also because adults act like nothing horrible could have possibly happened in a young person's life so of course they don't know what pain is and of course they're innocent and soft and weak and complaining about small, meaningless problems. Excuse me, but, no.

    So yes, bless this post. *hugs post*