Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vlog (part 1)!

A few weeks ago I asked you guys for a bunch of questions for my vlog, and here it is! It's only some of your questions because my camera ran out of memory and I didn't notice. I promise I'm going to make another one with the rest of your questions.

Thanks again for the questions guys, hoped you enjoyed watching it!

Have you ever done a vlog? What book do you think everyone should read before they're 18? Do you like watching vlogs, or do you prefer blog posts? 
Opal is in the middle of exam season! 


  1. I loved watching this! (and your voice is so cool too :)

  2. I LOVED WATCHING THIS! I am also so confused on how I was not following your blog. CRAZY! But I fixed all of that! You need to do more blogs!!! Hah, I get sick of so many songs! Interesting question! MATH? Oh girl you are awesome... could never do that!
    Talk soon!

  3. This is greatest! That view from your room, though. My view in the room I'm in right now is sheep. Probably a kangaroo carcass somewhere. Oh, Australia...

    I love alt, too. Shoutout to The Killers and Arctic Monkeys. I didn't know you wanted to be a math teacher! That's pretty cool. I'm with you on the teaching thing--but I have to work on my math to be a math teacher. :') Maybe Literature?